Saturday, September 21, 2013


                                All of life is junior high...

                      What I have learned after two weeks of working in a junior high school:


Stomach aches always start when you wake up and get worse by the time math class starts.

Familiarity does not mean respect.

Other parents use the line, "Go to school and see how you feel. Call me if you need me." and don't mean it eihter.

I can love other people's children for seven hours a day but can pray for them much longer.

Just because I hear someone's voice as Foghorn Leghorn, does not mean that is how it really is.

Cramps are still a great excuse to get out of gym.

A disabled child still makes my heart skip a beat...oh the joy!

Getting a case of the giggles during a fire drill is normal...laughter still comes out of the shoulders.

Triple charting is still  silly.

Music makes the day go faster.

First period is really long, last period is longer.

LAST MINUTE is a life style choice.

People don't always like the truth.

Manipulation  is a tool often used...Use wisdom to fight it.

Praying for wisdom is a necessity.

Other people are carrying way heavier loads than I have ever nightmared of...I am blessed beyond compare.

Miracles happen in the nurses office.

Secretaries are demi-gods....if I believed in lesser gods, they would be the ones. Seriously, love them.

Bosses can me normal...who knew?

Don't quit when its really, really bad...the rewards may just be around the next semester!

Grace is sometimes just a hot cup of coffee sitting on your desk early in the morning.

The ridiculous happens side by side with the miraculous.

Laughter is still the best medicine: "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." Proverbs 17:22

I love my job!