Friday, July 10, 2009


"I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten." Joel 2:25

Have you ever bought a knock off handbag? I don't think I have, but I know I have inherited a few! They don't look any different to general public and you do pay less for one. The problem is that it is stealing from the actual designer and the truth is, you know it is not the real thing.

This past Wednesday, my oldest daughter received her purity ring from her dad. The plan was supposed to be for the two of them to go out on a daddy/daughter date together. We had to change those plans when she sprained her ankle. So the two of them sat on the pool deck and ate home made ice cream cake together. Her daddy reminded her that she should expect any man who wants to date her to be a gentleman. He reminder her once again, that she is worth the wait. Not an easy chat for any dad to have with his daughter and I could not be more proud of him for it!

So what in the world does a purity ring and a knock off hand bag have in common with being a care giver? I am so glad you asked.

You see, our daughter has a friend who is in a very broken family. We'll call her Mary. Mary wants so much to the apple of her daddy's eye. But her dad has moved out and her parents are going through a messy divorce. Mary has become boy crazy in a quest to have that need in her life filled. When a girl does not have her daddy around, she seems to want to fill that with the latest guy, whoever that may be. She even went so far as to buy herself a ring, mainly because the Jonas Brothers have them.
The problem is that everything she is trying to fill is "knock off" in reality. She does not have parents who are sold out to Jesus, she does not have a daddy to give her a reminder that she is worth the wait. She chases the boys and the latest trend all in an effort to catch some approval.

That's what happens when a young girl does not have the love of her earthly father and has no knowledge of her Heavenly Father. That is the counterfeit of the prince of lies. You know for sure it is not real, but take it because you think it is all you are worth or can afford.

That is what is so amazing about our God. We so cannot afford Him. Not only does He purchase the gift of salvation for us on the cross, He pays our debts in full.

No matter the relationship you have or may have had with you own dad. You have a Father in Heaven who sees all that you do to honor Him, by honoring you parents at the end of their lives.

For now we pray for my daughter's friend. She needs her Abba, her Heavenly Daddy to call her His own. She will never be whole or genuine with out Him. We pray knowing we are actively about His work in her life.

How about you?
Is you relationship with your dad still not as genuine as you would like? Are you willing to commit that to your Heavenly Father in prayer? Do you know His love for you surpasses everything you think you know about genuine love?

Let's pray:
Father in the name of Jesus, make all of our relationships dirt side real. I pray there be not one ounce of counterfeit in our lives. We know that in this life we live in a painful world. But we also know that nothing is for vein purpose, when we commit our way to your will. I ask that you would uphold Your children, even this very day, as they seek to be child You alone created them to be. I pray for genuine hearts before You that we may live our Your good and perfect will for us. Amen.

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