Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Funny right? Sure it is. Go ahead, laugh...unless you don't know what it means, but then you should Google. Just sayen'.  Seriously, whats is not funny about calling Christian woman a biatch.. I probably already offended someone for saying just that much....if so, this is the wrong blog for you, but if not, stick around, I do have a point!
I am so not going to rail about how ABC could not make the same show only called GMB (no, not Mormon. Seriously, did ya' ever see Donny and Marie get their burkas up in bunch? No...)because there would a call to a not so holy war. The inappropriateness of the show in general does not even need to be is the given in the equation.

I hear GCB will give Christian woman a bad name. Ahem. Could you all let that sink in for a moment please? GCB will paint Christian woman poorly....yup. That is what I have read.
I have an overwhelming need to smack my head and scream like Woody when he informs Buz that he is just a child's play thing.  Lets be clear, I have no problem with fabulously wealthy believers with great big hair and great big cars and great big houses...NO PROBLEM with it all! More power to ya'!

But I fear what is being depicted from ABC's new show, GCB is more of the Truth than we want to hear. A parody is only funny when there is some truth to it. When Christians are portrayed by the likes of Benny Hinn and Joyce Meyer and Joel Olsteen and Rick Warren...yeah, I gotta' say, I am mortified. We, The Body have allowed these to define us...even if we have never set foot in a mega church.

We live in an age of false teachers and even more weak believers. I have had a very long season of being blown around by this teaching and that. It is real easy to memorize God's Word, twist it and make it do what we want. God does not play scriptural Whack-A-Mole with us. We are told so clearly to do what the Word what it says, do what it says. Just because we can memorize it, does not mean the Word is hidden in our hearts.  The challenge isn't in manipulating His Word to do what we want it to do...the challenge is in allowing Him to shape us to become what the Word says we are.

So we have been tagged as GBC. Can we blame the world when it is we who have allowed some and  (and sometimes) even ourselves to define our faith. We should not be railing against the show and telling them how wrong they are...we should be looking into our hearts for all the times they are accurately depicting the Body of Christ.  The meek may inherit the earth but the charlatans got themselves a prime time show...again.