Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pft...Church? I am busy!

Today was church...but there is so much to do here at the kingdom of Schlusser. This coming week will have four teenagers living under our roof...there had better be cake, or I am in big trouble with the soon to be youngest teen.
Not to mention that after months and months of fixing and cleaning our rental, I need to fix and clean our home. Time is escaping very quickly on me and I have to paint the girls room...we have it half way done and we are still pretending we love the color, don't you know. I have a rug to rip out. I have doors to paint that lovely, not at all lavender but heather gray. I have trim to do....

There are meals to plan and prepare for the week.  I am just trying to write my blog and that almost-youngest-teen is here to discuss the fact that he wants me to go onto Dealdash to buy him an Iphone...okay, he got my point when I stared at him while glad I got that typing regents after all. Where was I? Right...

You see my point don't you? I am terrible at time management, I have no time and I have a kazillion things to get done. I want my family room back, so the girls room has to be finished...NOW. Church? Seriously, I am just fine with Jesus right now. He will understand. He knows I am commitment phobic or He would have been on me for blowing off prayer meeting this week. He knows that studying the Word and being in prayer for my church while we are in a season of prayer and fasting is time consuming. He would want me to clean and fix...after all, home is sort of a church....I am practically a deaconess here for crying out loud!

"WHAT?" Said in a don't-judge-me-tone...

After telling John I thought I would stay home and him readily agreeing with me (same thing happened on Wednesday night for prayer meeting by the way) I grabbed my cell phone so I could text the oldest teen that we were not meeting her at service...she had planned on skipping out too, after she taught her Sunday school class...'Cause she is very busy too you know.

A text and a voice message from a deaconess at our church, reminding me that the organic grape juice for communion had been set up for us in the copy room...we had discussed the potential for reactions when my kids receive so she addressed it with the church board... I just needed to grab it and bring it back to our seats and place them in the nifty, little communion cup holders we have in each pew. Be blessed, she said, see you in a bit, she said.

CRAP, I said!

Scramble people, this is not a drill! MOVE IT! John to the shower, me with out eye make up...everyone will just assume I was crying...again. Don't worry about pretty people, just worry about getting there!

We made it in record time...three cars to the same place all because I can't count and my nice, new little car won't fit six people. We skidded in side ways to both our parking spots and pews, still pumped with endorphins that would keep us awake the entire sermon.

It was a great we all needed to hear. It is a great community, one we need to support prayerfully and in action. I have a blog post to write about sloth...not the one from Ice Age, but genuine sloth. Today reminded me why. I am busy, but so is is He. Yet, He has never not had time. Somewhere my integrity of being a believer is wrapped up in my sloth of being a sinner...I am a new creation with some old, busy, poorly planned, habits to break. 

PS we sang one of my favorite hymns today...enjoy the Brad Paisley version there of...