Monday, May 18, 2015

Hosta Roots!

 Last summer I acquired some hosta plants from Yonkers. Well I never got to plant all of it...mostly because there were some very big spiders living in it. So on the side of the driveway it sat. It sat all winter, in Poughkeepsie, with all the ice and all the sub-zero temps. Yeah, that winter.  When the snow melted, I thought I saw some green roots on that hosta but still left it sitting on the edge of the driveway. Look at what has grown, UN-planted.

It got me thinking that the expression that we should bloom where we are planted may be all wrong. Maybe we should bloom even when we aren't planted. Look at those roots! They are healthy and strong and produced such beauty. Maybe being transplanted and  not grounded does not mean that we don't have roots...Maybe we just aren't home yet. 

I have had this sense that I have not yet arrived at the place where I need to plant myself...and yet, I still seem to have some pretty good fruit...just like my Hosta. If they can grow like this without being planted imagine what they will do when they are...and just imagine what I will do, when I am too.

Blessings all,

PS if you are viewing this on your phone, my fabulous hosta picture may not load for some reason beyond my feeble computer brain....but it is really pretty on the computer! Sorry about that.