Sunday, August 16, 2009

The coolest thing...

"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have."
1Peter 3:15

I was just thinking that the coolest thing about the book being published is the poem my mom wrote for me, called "House you from the wind." She wrote that when I was very little, but now it is in print.
For her 50th birthday, I had a talented friend of mine take one of her poems and make it into a song...he played it for her on her birthday when I threw her a surprise prayer meeting/birthday party in her bedroom! She was thrilled.
Today, I thought I would share what Ellen believed. It is her very own version of The Creed. Mom knew what she believed and was always ready to play "defender of the faith" as I use to call her.
Ellen's Creed 11/20/76:
"I believe in humanity. So did He. He put it on to show us he way. I believe in our faithlessness, our hopelessness and our lack of love. He died for this, not for our perfection.
I believe in the sustaining power of the realization that God loves me. He is in LOVE with me and I with Him. I sometimes don't believe because I am e and do not always relinquish this part of self to my Lord. I dominate! I own! I'm a fool! All belongs to Him and He shares it withe me. He shares my friends my possessions, my soul. He is and I am. He is Messiah and I am grateful. He is my joy and I reach for His hand. He is the forest which I love. The Ending is written in His space and time and He does know what is your and mine. Created we are through love or lust, His love is always available.
In my deepest loneliness, in my darkest time, in my fear and my anxiety, He speaks to me. He does not let me reach the pit. Today, I believe---tomorrow my weakness emerges and I forget. I enter the desert, my winter, my discontent. I pray. I pray wordlessly for my words tend to hide the reality. Like a foggy mist, my soul i enshroud, only He knows what the truth is.
Again, He speaks to me, lifts me, and my shame is touched by a resounding joy. He forgives my doubts and carries me. He embraces me and I am flooded with peace.
I believe in our ability to touch each other through Him. I believe in our cruelty to each other and His ability to heal us so deeply that the scar is a new strength. I believe in His nourishment and power of his body to feed me and His blood to wash me. I believe in the inner quiet of self--frightening to face alone--whee we can meet Him.
I believe in my tears. I don't always know why they are shed, but I believe in them as a gift. His gift to me. He touched my heart where no one else has ever been permitted. I cry.
I believe--sometimes--in me. He loves me, now at this moment as I am. I am not, nor will I ever be, worthy of redemption but His love knows no bounds, no little boxes of which I am so fond.
I believe in my friends. I believe in the communion that He builds with them. I believe each is an opportunity to grow3--mutual growth--in Him. I believe in touching, caring, loving and blessing through Him.
I believe in confusion, my confusion. I believe this ever present, individual, always moving God moves me. Moves me to think, allows me to make my own mistakes and grow with in Him.
I haven't even begun. I believe in yesterday, today and tomorrow and I don not always have to know what tomorrow will be. I believe in My Father, I feel the Spirit in my being, I love my Lord, Jesus.

I think Mom and I would have had some wonderful theological discussions based on her creed...especially the confusion part! But on the whole, I am the woman I am today, because I had a praying mom. Glory to God for His faithfulness!

How about you?
Do you know what your parent's believe? Do you believe the same thing? Are you allowed some wiggle room to disagree? Do have your own creed? Do you know that the Jesus is Lord of all? Do you know that He is in love with you? Are you with Him? Do you know what you believe and why? Are you "always prepared to give an answer..."?

Let's pray:
Father in the name of Jesus, we pray. Thank You for Your Word and showing us how to pray. Thank you for giving us the Truth to believe in. You alone know the end from the beginning. You don't ever want us to follow you blindly. Even when we don't understand the circumstances in our lives, we trust that You do know and understand. How glorious that even when we don't believe too much in ourselves, You always do! Glorious Lord, we praise You, forever and ever. Amen.

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