Friday, March 5, 2010

"If it be winter...

can spring be far behind?" So pondered Tennyson. Yesterday as my youngest was getting dressed in a wonderful batch of hand me downs, she tried on a perfect Easter dress and asked, "How many more years until Spring?" What a smart question after the week of snow we had! Most of our friends were with out power for days on end, but we fared quite well having only lost power for a few hours...of course the power went out just minutes before the a.m. coffee pot was about to start to drip! Thank God there was a Red Bull in the gave me wings you know! LOL!
I will address my silence on the blog another time. It was a God-calling-me-to-rest time and so I have. No, the laundry did not get done, duh, but I did rest. Eventually, I rested in Him. Now He has required much more of my heart then I had anticipated to share with Him or anyone else for that matter.
Initially I had intened for this blog to mirror the book by the same name. But frankly, I ran out. Not that I don't have a million more stories to share, but maybe, just a maybe here that is not what blogs are for. Maybe no one needs more of the same. So here I will share my "notes and asides" as Mom would have called them and pray they bless. I will post a scripture in the morning, but for now, I am going to curl up next to the good looken' man I am blessed to have married and say good night.
Good night all.


Anonymous said...

My fear friend,

What was a Red Bull doing in your refridgerator?

Maryellen said...

LOL! Sheila, my dear, it gives me wings! Not very often, but some days I need wings!