Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life List

1. Visit Israel
2. Visit Ireland
3. Pay off all debt
4. Pay off mortgage too!
5. Open a bakery/coffee house
6. Fix everything broken on house and rental
7. Have a house at Ocean City
8. A swing set!
9. Write a book that people want to read because it's fantastic!
10. Raise woman who love God and are fond of themselves.
11. Raise a godly son.
12. Tell others.
12. Stay smoke free forever!
13. Watch Belle run in the sand!
14. Watch Jack write his first book.
15. Enjoy John's retirement...for real.
16. See SS healed.
22. Meet Allison Worthington and be her Poughkeepsie BFF!

PS More to come! Feel free to add on your own! xoxoxo

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Anonymous said...

Crack me up. Call me, I have my Redberry on 24/7. XOXO