Thursday, July 7, 2011

...and here we are....

Today is July 7th and that means that tomorrow is July 8th. Like how I know that? Yeah, I am smart. These are tender days for me. A very long time ago, I drove over to St. John's hospital where my mom sat on her death bed. I brought the anointing oil with me...not so I could pray over her, but so she could pray over me, anoint my head with oil, and give me her blessing. I did it both days before I headed into NYC to sit for my nursing boards on the pier. I will never forget the heat on those two days. But I will never forget the peace I had either. Those two days would be the end of my mom's involvement in my nursing career. She would be in Glory by the time I got my results that October, announcing that I had passed. Thanks Mom.

Only a couple of years later, I would be in another hospital, this time on July 7th and meet Elizabeth Anne, my oldest daughter. She was very late and very big. Her birthday is tomorrow...and she might just see sweet sixteen if teenzilla makes it.

She has done nothing short of drive me crazy over this party of hers. Being an Irish girl, I don't get the fuss. We just didn't do this at 16. Annie got a stereo, I got to see Duran-Duran in concert. Party? Nope. Sigh...

So I went on strike yesterday in prepping for the party. But something amazing happened: her sisters. One made 108 cupcakes, another put together all of the favors...I went to bed. I smiled as I fell asleep and thanked God for her sisters who loved on her. They blessed her and I am so glad.

Girls and their moms are tough some days. I have no idea where her stubborn streak comes from. Ahem. There is a lot of peer pressure on a kid these days. I've tried to teach her that the Jone's moved to a tenement because they lost the house, the cars and the yacht. But I am not so sure she understood. She will get it, eventually. I hope.

At some point today I will anoint her head with oil and pray with her. It's what a mom does. I will also pray that this very good kid I have, grows in holiness because in the end it is all that matters.

Happy Birthday Liz. As your grandmother would have said, "I love spite of yourself."


Anonymous said...

Can I start quoting your mom? ' I love ...." Ilove spite of yourself"

LucisMomma said...

Happy Birthday to Liz!

Hugs, Mair, on the anniversary.