Saturday, July 30, 2011

So long July...

I think it was in June that I announced there would be a new post every M,T,W....LOL! They are all home! I love it, but they are still all here all the time! People keep telling me my hair looks great and we all know what that means, so at least my health efforts are working...

Football starts on Monday, Liz starts her new job on Wednesday, Swim starts in a week and I am helping with the Potter's House in a more hands on when do I blog? Again, LOL!

I woke up yesterday at 6:45, AHHHHH how I love to sleep in! But it was tooooooo late. John was getting ready for work, and only a few minutes after he left, Jack joined me on the balcony...the still not finished one, but at least I can sit and chat with the Lord and drink coffee on, balcony.

So I hope you all had a blessed July...lets shoot for August? And again, LOL! Mwa!

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