Friday, August 5, 2011

See ya' soon!

Can you tell, I figured out how to use my scanner? LOVE IT!

Seven weeks after this picture was taken, Mom went home to Glory. Most years I am just fine when the anniversary of her home going arrives on August 5th. This year I have been a boo-hooey kind of girl. One year I forgot what day it was, and I had been a crank and a half with the whole family.  While doing a load of laundry I remembered that I forgot and cried my eyes out...for forgetting.

No matter the number of years you never get over losing your mom. I've been a bit cranky the last couple of days around here. I promised John that if he goes first, I will be a banshee on his anniversary too. I think it has just been a year of saying goodbye to too many friends that weren't and lots of change. Most of it very, very good change. Even the goodbyes were HUGE blessings.

In the middle of the boo-hoo's this week, there has been a constant smile that has crept up in my heart. He did restore the joy of my salvation...and that is a blessing beyond compare. See ya' some day soon Ma. Mwa!

PS And no, I never got to wear the cap again, except for show and tell!

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