Friday, May 20, 2011

On the outside chance...

I was under the impression that we are supposed to live like Jesus might return at any moment. I think, I mean I am pretty sure I read that in the Word. You know, you never know...except of course for the crazy pastor out west who says he does. Oh. I guess the Father decided to let him in on it, but not the Son, since Jesus said only the Father knows the time or the hour. This pastor must have some kind of special pastor power, don't ya' think? Yeah, that must be it.

Well it has made for some great fodder about not doing the laundry and stopping my diet...hey, eat drink and be merry right? Ah, not so much.

I made the decision to lose some weight when I wore a Spanks for Easter...and it fought back. I am so loving the fuller skirts and the A-line style dresses out in the stores that I went ahead and got me some...except I didn't look like Doris Day I looked like Mrs. Cunningham. I can happily report that I am now 14 pounds down with only 10 more to go...and oh, how much I miss bread, just so you know!

Liz has played personal trainer and she has done quite well at kicking her mom's butt...and she seems to enjoy it way too much. When I told John I had gone running, he asked if I was being chased....Yeah, nice guy I married!

But more to why I have not blogged so much you ask? Just life. Some of it far way more private to my heart. Some of it for here, some of it for my journal. Some of it just plain running with five kids, two dogs, a cat and a top of the list husband. No, not my fecal list, the good one!

God is always the number one priority.  He has just asked that life be more focused on the family right now. That is the first ministry...'cause family is never an obstacle to ministry, remember?

So should we be raptured by Jesus before my next post, see ya' there!

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