Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7th & 8th once again...

July 7th & 8th in 1993 two days that will live in my heart forever. It feels way, way, way, long ago and far away, that I sat for the nursing boards on these two days. Mine was the last class that took the boards with paper and pen. It was also the last time we took them over two days. I don't know if graduate nurses still take the boards at The Pier on the Lower West Side of Manhattan but that is where I took mine...and I still get a little nauseous whenever I drive past it. The heat that day rivaled the heat wave we are experiencing here in NY today. Oy, that was a hot summer.

Before I left to take the exams, I stopped at St. John's Hospital to see mom. She was not doing well but I wanted her blessing before I went off to the city. I walked into my hospital where I had been a candy striper(TEACHER'S NOTE: I made darn sure I didn't write "stripper" for "striper". I just want that out there!) a patient, a daughter and now an alumni...I love walking in there even now. It still feels like I own the place. As a high school freshman I use to go up on the roof with my fellow candy stipers and watch the sun set...and in all the world, it is my favorite place to watch it set. There is something amazing about seeing that orange ball drop behind the Palisaids...I always felt a little sorry for the people who lived across the river from us folks in Yonkers. While they lived under the beauty, we lived across from it and so got to see all the splendor of God descend up it.

I made my way to the fourth floor with a bottle of holy oil, knelled next to Mom's bed and she anointed me with the oil. She prayed:
"Holy Spirit, drip down over Maryellen. Wash her brain by osmisis with the knowledge she has gained here in nursing school, drip down over her ears that she may hear from you, wash over her hand as she holds the pen and cover her eyes so she can see the answers as You do. And hold her, hold her tight that she would know Your peace. Amen."

With a quick hug and kiss I was off to the city. The following morning, she would pray that very same prayer that she prayed over me the day before, just as she had prayed it over me for every exam I had taken since the sixth grade when I had a test on osmosis.

That would be the last time she would ever anoint my head with oil and bless me but someday, I will get to hug her neck, with out a trach and dance in Heaven with her before our King Jesus.

Those who know me, won't be surprised that I can tell you what I wore on that last day of nursing boards. Oh, let me tell you it was the cutest outfit! It actually belonged to my dear friend Maria. Plaid shorts with the cutest little cropped top that was sleeveless, white with three little bows down the front of it that matched the plaid on the shorts. I loved that outfit and I wore it until it fell apart...sorry Maria!

July 7th & 8th in 1993...two days that changed my life forever.

Do you want to know what I was wearing on July 7th&8th in 1995? Of course you do, silly. A hospital gown. I was in labor and delivery for those two days to give birth to my oldest and biggest baby...yes, she was a 10 pounder. I am not at all bitter that nothing I wore before her birth ever fit on my body again...not at all. I mean it. Yes, she was 10 pounds but imagine my surprise that she was not 70 pounds as that is how much I gained. I won't even tell you that I once thought I would try to be bulimic. I will however tell you that if you decide to give bulimia a try, don't take syrup of ipecac~google if you don't know what that is~~and if you do use syrup of ipecac, don't eat 6 ears of corn on the cob first. Do NOT ask me how I know any of this. You don't need to know and I am leaving it in my notebook anyway. Besides, 15 years plus four more babies later, I am way less insecure about my figure...I am too!

July 7th&8th in 1995...two days that changed my life forever.

So what does this date bring this time. Yes, a 15th birthday to celebrate for Liz tomorrow. True. But there is more.

July 7th&8th in 2010 brings an ending and a beginning. Today is John's last day as a Police Sergeant. Tomorrow is his first day as a retired cop. I asked him today if he was excited? No, he said, just kind of sad.

Darn it all I kind of wanted him to lie to me about that one. Play fearless leader, please! I wanted him to tell me he is ready for the adventure of a life time and He can't wait to see what God has for him next...I feel that way. My trepidation is overwhelmed by the joy that this season is over at last.

But he was honest with me and that is always a good thing. It means I can pray for my man as he faces an old end and this new beginning. I can come to The Beginning and The End; The Alpha & Omega. He knows the end from the beginning and while we thought we did too, none of it will be a surprise to Him.

Men tend to find their identity in their work. Normal. John knows that His true identity is in Christ...I know John well enough to know that as he struggles with this season he will ultimately rest in Him. John is first and foremost a man of faith and he knows our hope is in Him and that He has great plans for us...a future and a hope.

I know you are dying to know what I am wearing to celebrate our retirement. I have a blouse that is my manifest destiny and it is in a color other then tan, white, navy blue or black. John loves it when I wear something vibrant. This blouse is the perfect shade of melon and I think I make it look darn good! Maybe it will cheer him a bit. I also know it doesn't matter all that much. What will matter is that I am adorned with Christ as I hug the neck of the man I love.

July 7th&8th in 2010...two days that are about to change our life forever, once again.


Jenn said...

Ok my sister...from one PO's wife to another...hang in there. Change. Gosh it stinks. My word. John is being very brave to leave the career and move forward, I will say that. And sadness is a part of it. Makes my heart just melt to be honest. Next July 7th&8th,'ll be telling us all about how something amazing is going down in the life again. At least that's my prayer for you guys. Happy birthday to your 15 year old! And um, btw, how's that toenail?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod about the plaid shorts and top. Can I just say that I really have no recollection...where did I buy them? Did I wear them a lot? Did I look cute? I'm so glad you liked the outfit :) and thanks for including me in the blog.


Maryellen said...

Thanks Jen...and all that means in my heart.
I borrowed it to go somewhere in 1990...don't remember where and just kept wearing gave in and told me to just keep it! LOL!