Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh, Vanity come back to me...

If you have been around the blog here for a while now, you've read my toe nail post. If not get with the program, the rest of us will wait while you read it here:
Are you back? Good, then let us all move on.

Well, when you live life with a big, yellow dog, things can wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. Mr. Maghoo, AKA: The dog that ate Poughkeepsie, dropped his bone on my pretty toe. The big toe...the very pretty and very fake and very bright, red, toe nail! Not only did it crack the acrylic, it cracked me and it is not so very pretty anymore.

I had to pull out the Dremal mini sander to remove a good portion of it...oh come on, you would have done the same darn thing! How many of you had mothers who used pliers to tighten your braces when you were a kid? Heck my old man used a box cutter to remove stitches more then once...Okay, maybe it is a New Yorker thing.

Anyway, back to the tragedy my toe nail has become. OUCH! I bled, I cleaned, I patted, I probably cussed a bit too but I am not admitting that here. Not much left. Just a nub of a nail...why now?

Why not in January when my toes are safely inside my boots? Or in October when I wear sneakers in and out. Why now in the worst heat wave the Eastern Sea Board has seen in decades?


You know things are bad when your child asks you thusly:
"You are going to be able to do something with that right? I mean, you know you can't wear your flip flops until you do something." Aha. Thanks dear child of mine. Let us go to Mr. Loretta, the orphanage your poppy grew up know, just for a visit.

"Lord, my toe hurts."
"Lord, it is so ugly."
"Yes, dear one. Yes it is."

**********************Anyone want to join me in an "Excuse me, Lord?" right now. You know things are bad when you pray about an ugly toenail and The Creator of the universe agrees with you about how ugly your toe nail is!*************************************

"Is this just a thorn and a thistle thing, Lord?"
"It seems to be for you my dear."
"I hate ugly toes, Lord."
"Yes, you I love you any less with ugly toes?"
"No, I suppose You don't. Can I ask for a miraculous healing of the toe nail?"
"You can ask anything of Me, but you already knew that."

I also knew the answer was going to be "no." But for a moment I imagined perfectly manicured toe nails touched by the hand of God. There would be halo glows shooting out of my feet as I walked like Sketchers on a criminal when they first came out and the police could follow the glow-up of their feet when they were trying to get away. Yes, by the way that is a true story.

But back to my glowing, hand touched feet please. I so hope my readers are as ADD as I am or there is no way you could follow me...but my glowing feet you could.

The NY Times would do an article about miracles in Poughkeepsie and would suddenly agree with Glen Beck about the need for a prayerful nation. Peace would be restored, godly men would lead us and our nation would be healed once again.

Or not.

No, my face was not buried in the carpet in prayer over my silly toe nails. But there are days now when all I can do is weep before the throne of Grace. There was a season when we had to move, faced a court battle and buried my dad all at the same time. All I could do was fall to my knees in the kitchen as Third Day played on the stereo and cry out: "Show me your glory."

He did and I pray He does now. No, there is nothing going on in Schlusserdom, less my ugly nails. Yes, we are starting a new life today as John retires and we have had our share of pneumonia, sprained ankles and swimmers ear this summer. But all of that is just the normal ebb and flow of life in America.

Life in America, where my biggest concern is my toe nails? In no way am I putting aside my need to grow up in the Lord. That is my personal prayer life. But it is the corporate life, the body of Christ life that makes me weep. Sigh.

I firmly believe we are a nation in great peril and so I beg the precious blood of Jesus not on my toe nails but on our land. I beg forgiveness for the blood of the innocent on our hands. I pray for our leaders, no matter how I feel about them. I pray for their safety and for a change of heart as they lead us towards the abyss, laden with great nations of the past.

Just as my toe nails will be pretty again, I pray our nation will return to it's glory as a Christian nation. I pray, I pray, I pray. But not a fake Christianity like we have been known for at times. The real thing and no, I am not talking about a theocracy. That is not a genuine government of freedom.

Chronicles 7:14: "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

"Humble, pray, seek, turn..."

We have a lot of work to do as we struggle through this season in His~story. Maybe the raw deal of a humble, not humiliated, toe nail~lacking~lady in Poughkeepsie can make a difference.

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