Thursday, August 12, 2010

The break-away...

You know how we have all of these support groups for new moms? Mommy and Me, Mom's day out, MOP's? Yeah, we don't need them. Seriously girls. Now I gotta tell you that I loved my MOM's group when the kids were little but in retrospect while the season of toddlers is exhausting it ain't nothing to the high stakes drama of raising teens...and I mean good kids who have no problems except for the ones imagined.

I think we may have a support group too. Unfortunately it's called A.A. I am thinking we can skip the three sheets to the wind and go right to the meetings.

"Hi, my name is Maryellen and I am a recovering mother of teenage girls"

"Hi Maryellen!" The crowd would shout back. Sometimes in the back of the room, there would be a mommy still stinken with the stench of a verbal smack down from her qualifying teen.

"Hi everyone. I was raised in a Christina home and created one for our children with my darling husband. I am not sure what's going on. I am hoping to find some support here."

"The program works if you work it, so work, your worth it!"

"One day at a time, Mama!"

"Easy does it!"

Yeah, I've been to a few meetings in my time. I know the lingo from when I use to go to open meetings just so I could learn what not to marry. Nothing like a room full of humility to learn something about yourself. The best meetings were at the beach, at sunrise.

That was my whole snarky post that I had planned to share with you all yesterday. But I wound up with some terrible anxiety in the morning that I just could not shake. I don't tend to be a nervous person. But the combination of teenager confrontation and a search for "what are we going to do with the rest of our lives now that John is retired" just seemed to get to me.

"Fear in the heart of a believer is always sin." As Beth Moore puts it. Okay, I know that, given all the times God addresses the issue in scripture.

In a moment when my pride was silent enough to let me do what I needed to, I sent an e-mail to ask for prayer from our prayer team at church. The request went out and we were covered with prayers for strength and protection...

Before I left home, my qualifying teen hugged me, told me she loved me and asked for forgiveness for being such a pita....I peacefully went about my day of crazy running.

When the break line on my car snapped and I was left with pudding for breaks, I literally glided into a near by parking lot and put the care into a spot. I threw the car into park without hitting anyone or anything. I don't exactly know how it all happened that not even our necks snapped or that there was not a scratch on us or the car.

I knew what a big deal the unfolding events were immediately. The kids didn't. Had I turned left instead of right....had the car in front of me not moved...had I not made that turn into the parking lot...had, had, had.

I would not be on here today. The cops who knew of it were shocked at the results. People don't walk away from snapped break lines. They just don't.

And planes don't just land on the Hudson with not a scratch on the passengers.

Except that we serve a mighty God.

There is so much more to what happened and the very Glory of God come down...another day and another post.

Before I go, I have to share that when I got home, that qualifying teen of mine? She hugged me and said: "If we had not talked this morning...if you didn't come home today...I would have lived with that regret for the rest of my life. God's good and perfect will for us is to never live with regrets."

Qualifier got it. For now. And to Him be the Glory, forever and ever. Amen.

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