Friday, August 27, 2010

Football and Jesus...

I called John last night to ask him to meet me on the hill at football. I wanted a changing of the guards. I had just sat for an hour while I waited for Jack at the tutor's and could not imagine sitting for two hours more "on the hill" at football practice. John graciously said "of course" he would relieve me. Sigh of relief...I told him to feel free to go home and eat the dinner waiting for him and meet me when he was done.

Then my friend Joann showed up, coffee in hand and the demand that I let John know that I was staying because she had schlepped the far side of the field to sit with me....Still being a little afraid of her, I obeyed and John was thrilled to get the night at home. I have to admit, I felt better almost right away as we sipped our coffee and the wind reminded us that football is a Fall game. We sat and chatted and solved all the worlds problems and created some more. Just woman stuff that we so love to chat about.

Joann is from the other side of Yonkers from where I grew up. I tease her that she would have swirled me when we were teens. I have no doubt about it. Frankly, either does she!

And then we talked about Jesus. I so love to brag on Him. And I love it when a friend cares to hear it. She has never once changed the subject. Like it is for real friends, one conversation flows into the next...I was not expecting a South Yonkers girl in my life right now. Glad she has come along.

As we walked to the car with our football players, Jack got just far enough ahead of us to jump out of the darkness with a "BOO!" and scare poor Joann...not something I would recommend doing by the way.

"JACK!" She yelled. "Don't you know not to scare two Yonkers girls like that! Your lucky we didn't rip your eye balls out with our camp chairs!"

Yup, she's a keeper.

On the way home, Jack was talking about THE GAME. How he loves to play. He has all but grown up playing football.

"I am playing my hardest but it's like Coach doesn't notice how hard I'm playing."

Have you ever had one of those moments when you say something to one of your kids that kicks your own spirit in the teeth? Yeah, me too.

"Jack, are you playing your hardest to be noticed by the coach or are you playing your hardest for the good of the team and to the Glory of God?"

Short silence followed. Then:

"I want the coach to see how hard I am working out there so he will use me more. If I am playing great, then it will benefit the whole team. Right?"

"And do you play as your gift to Him? I mean all of our gifts are as 'filthy rags' to Him. There is nothing we can do to impress Him...but He knows our hearts and He is your Abba. He knows when you are giving Him a gift. When you do, He wants to bless you back. Do you see the difference?"

"I guess. Can I have a snack when we get home?"

Not sure if that conversation was for Jack's edification or mine.

Are all my days and the seemingly endless and somewhat insignificant tasks done unto the Glory of God? Does it matter if I work to the glory of His name as a C.S. Lewis or as a nameless housewife in Poughkeepsie? Does it matter if I glorify the name of the Lord by doing dishes or at a job or in the car or in the White House?

As I tucked Jack in last night I reminded him that he should only care about One opinion.

"Jack, you play football to an audience of One. Just remember that always. Give every gift He has given to you, back to Him and just watch what He can with it. Night. Love you. XOXOX"

As I walked away from Sir Jack's room, I stopped in the hall and asked God to use that gift of conviction on my heart in anyway He chooses to. I can't wait to see what He has planned.

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