Friday, August 6, 2010

How annoying can I be?

I once heard Sarah Palin say that she prays everyday that if it is God opening a door, she wants to walk through it. She doesn't want to miss it. Smart lady if you ask me, and you didn't...but it's my blog, so there.

I have prayed for a couple of years now that God would open doors no man could shut and shut doors no man can open. Of course, I didn't actually mean the close part. I've used my share of battering rams to try and open a door or two that He has had guarded shut. I wonder if when I get to Glory there are going to be a couple of battered and bruised angels that were guarding those doors. I wonder if they are going to want to have a few words with me. I can almost picture them with bent wings, and a baseball bat, tapping one winged foot awaiting my arrival.

For the record, Heavenly Angels of The Most High...sorry. And thanks for obeying Him and not letting me through. Just wanted to let you know that I am feeling a bit chagrined over the various fights I have given you over the years...But I am getting way more grown up over such things...Right?

I am in the process of watching a door for a job with suspect eyes. If it is from Him, like Sarah, I don't want to miss it. But if not, I don't want to go through it. In many ways it is the dream know the one. The kind that is too good to be true...except that I serve a God who just so happens to be in the too-good-to-be-true business.

I was recently telling a friend about all of this when she warned that I must be careful that no one know that I am a believer in the professional setting...Seriously?

Once upon a time, at the exuberant age of 18, I tried to convince one of my closest friends that she needed Jesus. I call it my conversion by the sword stage of life. We laugh about it now, she and I. She is as committed to His will as any believer I have ever met, but not because I tried to knock her over the head with the bible. She grew into Him, one story, one prayer, one moment at a time. I adore her faith and her for that matter.

No one has ever doubted my faith. It's not that I walk into places proclaiming the Good News (and it is so good!) with a bull horn. In part it is the "sprinkling" of my conversation that makes for no room for doubt. I don't say "Oh my God" unless I am in prayer. "Oh my word." does the job quite well if you ask me. And I do say things like "Lord, where in the world is my..." I use that prayer for everything from keys to pens.

I would like to think it is also the Jesus in my eyes that gives me away to another believer. I would also like to believe that if I am hated it is because of Him not just because I am annoying.

I could no more shed Him like a cloak then I could shed my pale Irish skin. You see, I've been grafted.

So I will take the "warning" from this friend with a grain of salt, even while it got me feeling a bit peppered.


Merana Leigh said...

I once started to "guard my tongue" in professing my faith in a certain setting. The Holy Spirit reminded me that if I will withhold my relationship with the Father here on earth, the Spirit is obligated to do the same of me in heaven. You don't have to go shouting it from roof tops (unless you choose to), but leading by example speaks volumes...ya know, the strong, silent type! ;o)

Also, one thing the Holy Spirit has blessed me with when I was in such a terrible quandry about a decision & getting NO answer whatsoever - if you're placing it before the Lord & trusting Him with the outcome, you will know peace. Once that realization came to me, the peace was immediate! And I was reminded immediately of John 14:27 - Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. So do that with this job that seems to good to be true!

Hugs ~ Merana

Maryellen said...

Thanks Merana! I agree whole heartedly. I have taken playful teasing from non-believers over the years but I don't believe I have ever alienated anyone.
As for working again, that is all up to Him. It makes it makes for a rather fearless time for me.
Glad you dropped by!

Sharon Kirby said...

Oh, for grace to become more like Jesus...and to have others see HIM when they look at me!

Wonderful thoughts...

By the way, I think my angels are waiting with yours!!


Maryellen said...

Can't you just see them Sharon? LOL!