Friday, October 1, 2010

A new skill...

Is this working?

I ask because I just learned how to send a post to my blog via my phone...Look how savvy I am now! Next, I try to send a picture! I love learning new things, even when they are very silly like this!


Sharon Kirby said...

1) Yes, your phone post worked!! YAY!
2) I've been catching up on reading my blogs - you have written some wonderful things! I've enjoyed them.
3) I ESPECIALLY identified with the post you wrote on Wednesday - about not being "liked." Oh, you hit a nerve with me on that one. Lately, God has really been working on this whole "approval/rejection" thing that I have battled for...well, FOREVER it seems!
Your words were very encouraging...

Thanks for being open and honest!


Maryellen said...

Thanks Sharon! I am in such a season of facing things right now. While I was reading your comment, I had this tug on my heart:If you are going to raise teens, you had better know who YOU are before the Lord. Not an easy thing. xoxoxo