Thursday, November 4, 2010

I have no write...

I can't spell. If you are here often, you already know that one. Were it not for spell check, my "their" would be "thier" all the time. And just so you know, I had to spell check that to see which one was wrong. Who am I to think I have the right to write?

We all know about the "then" vs. "than" controversy. I find myself looking for other ways to express the same thought with out using "than" or "then" just to avoid the emails from angry teachers everywhere.
I had my oldest use a Post~It to remind me which one is used for when. She was so cute trying to explain that they are pronounced differently.

"Mom you don't say,'than' you say 'then'. Just think about it."

"Honey, first lets discuss 'drawer.' As in 'Drawer me a picture.' And I only use 'draw' for 'Drop your draws baby!' so I can't go by me."

Of course I use 'drawer' for the thing you put forks in too, but that is another story for another day.

Recently, a friend who is opening a vintage kitchen shop asked for ideas for her shop. I suggested she look for vintage bowels...she wasn't so sure she could dig any up.

A couple of years ago I invited about fifty people over for a desert party. Yeah, it was a teacher who asked if we wanted the Mojave or Sahara. Sigh.

Folks are still waiting for the thank you notes for our wedding gifts because I knew I would call some one "sweat" instead of "sweet." I was new to the family. Better they think I was rude than stoooped. You get it.

In case you are wondering, yes. I have been known to curl up on the coach and yell at the couch. It's how I roll.

Have you ever had someone say you can't do something because you don't have the skill? Has the Lord given you a leading to do something that makes no sense? If so, consider yourself a Moses...remember he told God to pick someone else, after all he had a lisp. Consider yourself a Paul who spent his life killing Christians...wanna' have him over for dinner? Consider yourself a Peter who was a lousy fisherman with a wholly net and a mother-in-law to look may have read some of his work.

I may have stomped on a few dreams of my girls when they were little. I don't think I meant to...but I am sure I did. Just being that practical old mom. I found myself praying this morning that I never, ever crush on their dreams. I think I have been better about encouraging Jack to follow his. If he believes God has given him a dream he should pursue it with all the heart God gives him...not because he is a boy and they are "just" girls but because he has struggled so hard with the dyslexia...way worse than (or then?) his old mom. It seems I have a prayer project to work on. May I always be an encourager and catch myself when I am a naysayer.

I am off to play nurse on the coach...I meant that one. John was Jack's football coach a few years ago. So yeah, I've been known to curl up the coach a few times. John has a rotten cold. My first hint was when I thought I heard a fog horn on the couch last night.

But it is all my fault.

John thought he heard the beginning of "The Gloria" trumpets heralding the night before but it turned out to be me blowing my nose. All this coaching/couching has given us some disease~ridden~vermin to fight off.

Be of good cheer dear ones. And by all means, dream out loud! Remember, Job's supporters are not remembered for being so supportive and off the top of our heads, we don't know any of their names.

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