Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A bazillion and one things to do...

It is the day before Thanksgiving. I asked that wonderful man I married if he minded fending lunch for himself today, so I could sleep in. Of course he didn't mind at all...and here I am at 5:15, coffee in hand, wide awake. Ugh.

My list is no different in length then anyone else who is playing hostess for Thanksgiving and who may not have yet bought a turkey...don't judge. There are plenty left. I will get it all done...or not.
I am determined to keep my meal under $50.00 again this year. It can be just takes a little extra thought and prep time. Time? Yeah, that's right. I am out of that. Ugh. No problem, I can get it done. Seriously. ;)

John use to take the kids turkey hunting on Thanksgiving day. But the girls are now my biggest helpers in the kitchen and Jack isn't so sure about the entire hunt thing. It seems Daddy never brings his shot gun and Mommy always catches, feathers and cooks the darn thing by the time he gets home anyway, so what is the least according to Jack. A couple of years ago, he wasn't so sure that I actually caught the turkey myself, that is until he saw the neck and the heart in the sink. That is when he believed me for good. Vindication feels good.

As I mentioned, I have a bazillion things to do and being online is not one of them. I have a Red Bull in the fridge ready to down to keep me focused. There is stuffing to make!

But first, a word from my heart: Thank you for reading here. I know there are a few other blogs out there...It's true. I've seen them. Yet, you come and visit our world. Wow. Thanks for loving me in spite of my spelling, lousy punctuation and strong opinions.

And this morning there is a tenderness towards all things family unit. I am so stinken' grateful for John. There is no good reason in Heaven or on Earth why he would love the likes of me. He is the kindest man I have ever met...and yet, he loves me. Wow.

And that makes me think of Abba. That He saw fit to know my name before He hung a single star in the sky is shocking and amazing. He gave me this family, in the greatest nation in the that still says Thank You to the one who created the nation in the first place. Glory.

Enjoy the pumpkin pie all...that reminds me, I have to cook the pumpkin!

Be thankful. Somewhere between the mashed potatoes and the stuffing and the gravy and the extra nine pounds...remember who provided the meal. We are thanking Him.


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