Thursday, November 11, 2010

A very close call...

I know I should watch the coffee intake while I fight this cold, but the reality is, I am a coffee junkie. Gotta have my fix for crying out loud, first thing. I don't want to wait for it to be ready. I've learned to make a half of a pot in the electric percolator before bed. I come out to hot, stale, coffee in the morning. It gets me through until I can be awake enough to make a fresh pot. And who, amongst us, doesn't love Fresh Pot? These are the jokes here folks...just giggle and keep reading for crying out loud, will ya', please?

I've given up on the automatic coffee makers since the killing spree on our small appliances this past Spring. While I have no doubt that the enemy of our souls was afoot in the slaughter, there was also a bad outlet that was taking down my coffee pots. It was a perfect storm of destruction. Nothing sets off a day all wrong like a lack of coffee first thing.

Given my half-witted state of mind at the moment, I can't be blamed too harshly for the error I made last night. About half way through the CMA show, I declared I was off to bed. I kissed my man, smooched the kids and went to bed so I could prepare to sniffle another day. As I curled up I thought, about the coffee I had not prepared for the morning. Sleep took me before I could do anything about it. Eight hours later, I stumbled to the coffee pot, knowing I would have to make it first thing.

"NO." Said in the low growl of a woman confronted by a kitchen disaster.

I had never unplugged the percolator yesterday. There was burnt coffee in the bottom, surrounded by coffee sludge. Sigh. I scrubbed and cleaned the pot. I prepared the coffee. I plugged in. No perking. Nothing. Not even the usual spark I see when I plug in the pot to the outlet. It appeared to be over.

"Five dollar coupon for Bed, Bath, and Beyond will get used today." I thought to myself, "All is not yet lost. I can use the coffee press this morning, and have a new coffee pot by lunch time." Life would go on in spite of me.

Two presses later and two cups as well, I discovered the percolator was not dead, just in a coma. I am proud to say, I am sipping my third cup of coffee, the last of which came from my pot, not my press. I knew you all would want to know this. God's mercy knows no bounds. Glory.

Of course none of my coffee fussing would be possible this morning, were it not for the veterans we celebrate how I worked that in? Yeah, I am so good. Thanks for noticing. Love you too.
Where was I? Right.

My dad was on a ship to Korea to fight the good fight of a Marine when the war ended. He said he all but cried. He joined to fight and defend our nation. He wound up in Japan and served the rest of his tour there. Did I mention he was only seventeen at the time? Maybe that helps explain my disgust at a nation that would allow us to keep our kids on our health plans until they are twenty-nine. Edward Brennan went into the Marine Corp a boy and came out a man.

Our vets serve to keep us safe and we will remember them today by shopping great sales, maybe a parade...and in prayer too...Prayer... Join me won't you?

Father, in the name of Jesus, Thank You! Thank You for our men and woman who have served our great nation and those who are doing so even now. Thank You for the courage that can only come from You. Give them peace as they lay down at night and remove the horrors of war from their minds. Let them walk in perfect peace, love and joy as they defend our nation. Thank You for their families who give up as much as the defenders of freedom themselves. Thank You for our Vets and the freedom they protect. Never let us forget that freedom does not come free. Amen.

Semper Fi!

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