Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Blue Bat

Lovely right? Actually my little, blue bat was way cuter than these...and there was only one. I bet you want me to explain don't you? Of course you do, or you would not be on the blog...all ten of you!
About six weeks ago, I spent some time with a dear friend. I asked her to keep a situation I was dealing with in prayer. I had found myself in the middle of a stronghold like no other I had dealt with in a very long time. No matter how hard I tried to be "transformed by the renewal of my mind," I found myself marinating on one topic day and night. It had found myself not thinking on anything that was sweet or lovely or good. Not a moment of my time was spent thinking on my children or John...It was the thing I was thinking about over and over...yup a stronghold had me in the grips.
I knew that staying stuck in that pit was not an option. I had done everything I could to shake it off and yet, I remained in it. It was time to call in the big guns and get a prayer warrior on it.
After we spoke, I had no doubt that my friend had been in prayer right away. That night was the first time I had sat still and not thought about my stronghold. As I rested with my head on the pillow I had this wacky dream, yes. About a little, blue bat. I remember at the time, that even if I wanted to think on my stronghold, I couldn't. The view of the stronghold had been replaced by my little blue bat.
In the dream, the bat was on the other side of the kitchen window. It was so ugly, it was cute...I mean it was a little blue bat for crying out loud. It practically looked like a Bitty Baby...only not so stuffed and with some very real fangs. I knew enough not to play with it, no matter how cute it was.
The little, blue bat kept opening my kitchen window. I kept closing said window. It would open the window, I would close the window...over and over and over and over and over again.
At one point, the open/close routine got a little bit of space between each...but that little, blue bat opened it once again.
Just as I could not get myself to think on my stronghold, I could not get my brain off the darn bat.
Later the next day, I told John about my odd dream. We kicked it around a bit. Yeah, the enemy of our souls is like a little, blue bat. It will never leave us alone completely. And some days are just proof that we live in a fallen world. Stuff will always happen.
In the weeks leading up to House Wyne, there have been a plethora of little, blue bats. I have even been dinged up side the head a time or two. One situation in particular is known as wading, knee deep, in bat poo.
Last night as I rigged the washing machine, the dryer started to act up. The phone, the kids, the husband running late...I finally went into my prayer closet (AKA the bathroom) and just got away for a moment or twelve. There are some days that have felt like a swarm.
We all have our little, blue bats. We all have our bat poo. And if we are actually living out the Gospel...we will have our swarms.
Today, I start out with my little-blue-bat-repellent...His name is Jesus.

ps no time for major edits today. I am on John's laptop because of a LBB on my computer.

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PaulieG said...

I hate those little blue bats also!! Cheers!