Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Is this pretty or what? I just love the pinkness of it all!
Last summer when I read Brother Andrew's book, "God's Smuggler" I asked God to let me hear from Him the way Brother Andrew and other dear saints have. I want to know, that I know, that I know that I am doing exactly what God has called me to. I knew I could not go into outer Mongolia to spread the Gospel, but I can do it here, in my little corner of the world. And so I blogged on, never imagining that a dream come true would actually be a reality in my life.

The fact that we can throw this kazillian dollar event for nothing, is nothing short of a gift from God. So what is the point?

So I can show off my great talent, duh. No wait, that's wrong. It is perfectly wrong.

So we can have just a girls night out, duh. No wait, that's wrong too...

So we can spotlight the great businesses that have given their time and products, duh. No wait, wrong again.

God forbid this should be "The Maryellen Hour" staring your very own dispicable me.
So why? Let's face it, God needs me on His side, like He needs a hole in the head. Seriously, while I may be fantastic, and frankly everyone needs at least one Maryellen in their lives~and I am painfully aware that only one of the likes of me is enough~ He is God and all. I think he probably has a bucket of full of Maryellens to put up with. Being God, He needs nothing, especially me...
And yet, from the very beginning, He chose to include us in His work. And when Jesus told His disciples to go and tell others, it was not a suggestion. We call it the great commission.
It has never been enough to believe in God...what if we actually believed Him. When friends have said they are coming, I've strongly suggested they bring someone who may not know Him...seriously, if you already know Him you can get way better teaching!
So from our little corner of the world we get to tell others about Jesus in just about 22 days...and do you know the best part? When I mentioned to God that I am not an event planner...He agreed with me!
My parties often wind up being something out of an old "Mary Tyler Moore" episode...if you don't get that, please, for the of all things funny, Google.
...I missed most of my own wedding worrying about dealing with the band and the photographer...I am not at all interested in doing that at the House Wyne event. Not that God could not give me the ability, but He didn't. He provided planners and an entire staff...and cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes. I mean seriously, what is the point to girls night without chocolate?
Not sure if I should mention this here or surprise you all that night, but since the folks pinging to South Korea, probably won't make it, I think I shall share here:
You see, we have had a lot of snow and with that snow, a lot of snow days for the kids. Not to mention that my pipes are still frozen...
I've always lived by the motto that if you can't change your life, change your hair. I was a little PMS, in need of chocolate...the color on the 10 minute hair color kit was called, "Light chocolate brown" and I now find myself a brunette...Don't judge. We've all thought, "I will just go one shade darker or lighter." We've all wound up looking like Elvira or Marilin at least once in our lives. Hey, this is still way better than the year I spent with lime green hair... the whole "ash" thing was a bad idea. But that was 25 years least I didn't go with ash?
Yeah, I know. It is kind of like getting a perm the night before the prom. Or as I've been known to do, getting my eye brows waxed the night before a wedding and looking like Hermon Munster, thanking God for my bangs.
All in all, while I still don't recognize myself in the mirror, my man said it looks hot. I try not to think about the "Archy Bunker" episode when Michael was chasing Gloria around because she got a short brunette wig. She kept accusing him of wanting to have an affair with a brunette...Yeah, that is not on my mind at all. See?
Maybe I will post a picture before House or not...I may make you all wait to see the darkness of it all!

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The Pen of a Ready Scribe said...

Hi MB - This is Kim's Mom in Love - just started to click around and find out about this Wyne event and read up on your 'calling' and went to order your book. Blessings on your day and week from the One who Loves You and Gives you Your daily bread.... PS I loved the previous post ! Made me smile - AND think !