Friday, February 4, 2011

The poo...

Pastor Tony Evans had this story on his blog last week only he told it way better:

A little birdie was flying south when he got so cold, that he just fell out of the sky. He landed in a cow pasture where a cow promptly walked over to him and poo'ed on him. He was completely buried in poo.

At first the birdie was a bit upset. I mean, he was covered in poo after all. But the bird realized, after being upset for a few minutes, that he was not cold anymore. As a matter of fact, he was pretty darn warm from being pooed on. Well, our friend the little birdie was so happy, he began to sing!

A bit later, a cat near by heard our little birdie singing. Said cat walked over, dug him out and immediately ate our little birdie.

The moral of the story: Not everyone who poo's on you is an enemy and not everyone who digs you out, is a friend...Oh and if you find your self stuck in the poo...shut up.

I was explaining to God today that I was fed up with a particular pile of, ahem, poo that I've found myself in. He brought that story to mind. Okay, Lord. I get it. Just keep doing what I am doing and shut up. But you have to admit it stinks.


Stacey said...

Great reminder. Thank you!

Maryellen said...

Thanks for dropping by Stacey! I love this story.