Sunday, March 13, 2011


Woke up with a head full of it today. 9am service. Want to go, but don't want to be there. Can I pull it off, with no less than half a night sleep? Of course I could have. We do the things we find most important. But allow me to complain a moment won't you? Thanks.

Teenagers in the door at all kinds of hours because of the school play. When, by the way, did school plays decide they had to be cutting edge? What happened to family friendly productions? I can't bring young kids to see Footloose, Wappingers Central School District. Rumor has it the show is tantamount to child porn. Great message. "Don't drink, don't smoke, don't have sex...but be entirely entertained by those who do, on stage in your auditorium. That is all. Go back to your classes."

That was complained number one, by the way, in case you are keeping score.

Number two on the list would be Scarlet Fever. Maggie jumped over strep and went right to could have fried an egg on the poor things head. Long nights for both of us. Poor baby. Since I am already complaining about the school district, could I blame the other disease ridden vermin on this as well? No, that would be wrong. Okay. I shall leave that one alone.

Number three: A dog. A big yellow dog. Let us call him Seabiscuit shall we? Yes, let's. Well, Seabiscuit has decided he has no bladder control for a good portion of the night. Last time I let him out, I closed the door and took a nap. Not sure when he came back. But husband brought him in.

Number four: Yes, as in 4-12 shift. Or was it 3-11 with a late call for some medical emergency that got John stuck on the job (he is still a medic you know) and therefore unable to get that teenager I told you about in complaint number one after the play...don't judge too harshly the fact that she was a part of it. I thought they cleaned it up. She was on stage crew, not the pole dancer in the show. Nuff said. Had to beg a ride from another mom, 'cause you can't leave a SF child home alone in the middle of the night with other sleeping teens.

Number five: Go tell others, I tell my children. Yeah, one of them decided to do that this week. Aha. She had to call her friend and let her know that we would not be picking her up for the 9am service but rather the 11am service. By the way, I have to get teen to play for the afternoon show at 11am along with the kids of the mom I begged said ride from. Did I mention that I am not sure how all of this is going to work out yet? Yeah, didn't thinks so.

A day of rest? I wish.

Can't wait for Monday so I can tell you all about the Word He gave me on sleep. At the moment, it kinda' makes me want to cry, it is so tender...But it will have to wait...Remember, it was Day Light Savings time, and I am therefore running an entire hour late.

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