Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rattlin' Blog....

I've annoyed my children with Irish songs this morning. When Liz got up this morning, she said, "Happy Amature Day!" as that is what me dearly departed, and not at all sainted, dad called today. John had to leave for work early due to all the partiers on the train.

Recently in Walgreen's, they had all the St. Patty's Day merchandise on display. On the bottom shelf, they had cases of beer. Hmmm. I asked if the manager, who happens to be woman of color, if she thought perhaps that was a bit racist? She looked at me funny and so I suggested that if they had put the Paps Blue Ribbon under the Black History Month display, it might seem....I never got to finish my sentence. She was laughing too hard.

A fine Irish gentleman at the register yelled over to us: "Nothing wrong with that display. They know the truth as do we all!"

Being full of the Blarney today, I thought I would tell you about the new magazine subscription I received. Yes, to Ebony magazine. A dear friend suggested it is because me dearly, departed and sainted mother was dark Irish. Perhaps. I called to make sure it wasn't one of those scams where someone orders a magazine for you and you get the bill. Honestly, I did not know if this was a complement or a dig.

As I flipped through the magazine the part that just about killed me was the ad for Paternity testing kit available in your local drug store. I suppose no more stereo typical than the beer/Irish display in Walgreen's.

Have a happy and safe St. Patty's Day all!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you will want to get a twitter button to your site. Just marked down the blog, however I had to do it manually. Just my advice.

Maryellen said...

Thanks for the idea. I will get one. I can post to twitter and fb but I guess not everyone can. Thanks!