Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I don't do laundry

Remember the old movies when home maker would be interviewing a new maid who would say "I don't do windows."? No, okay then you may not be old enough for this blog and should move on! For the rest of you who do, I would have not said anything about the whole windows situation, for me it would be laundry. "I don't do laundry." There, now you know.

But how could that be? You have five children and a husband...YOU HAVE TO DO LAUNDRY! No, actually not all that often, truth be told.

I would love to convince you that this is a new problem, one that developed while we homeschooled and I am still trying to catch up...but that would be a lie. When I was a single woman, living alone, I didn't do the laundry then either. Once a month I would gather up my drawrs (spelled correctly. I am first generation Brooklyn after all) and my nursing uniforms (I wore whites even though we could wear colored scrubs by then) and my Casual Corner wardrobe (again, if you don't remember it, you may be too young) as well as sheets and towels. Off to the laundromat I would drop them off and get them done. I would pick them up the next day. It always seemed so easy and yet so self defeating at the same time.

Think about it, wash them, then wear them and you have to wash them is a never ending cycle of lights and darks and whites! I despise doing things that get undone so quickly.

Soon after we were married John stopped asking me if his clothes were done. "Done doing what?" I would ask in all sincerity.

Once there was a Lizzy, Caity, Brennan, Jack and Maggie, you would think I would start to get it all done. Nope.

Part of my problem is the forest for the trees thing. You see, I want all of the laundry done at once. But then, when all of the laundry is clean at the same time we run into the next dilemma...there is not enough room in all the closets and all of the drawers to put it away. One must have a perfect balance of clean to dirty at all times in order to achieve balance in the laundry realm. If I believed in ying and yang type of stuff, it would only be in the laundry room!

Less you should think I have not tried every system known to man to get the laundry done, I have. I even hung John's shorts from the light fixture once to achieve the fung shway in the laundry room...didn't work.

As for sheets, when it is time to vacuum them I believe one should change them. I won't tell you about the time somebodies husband got caught doing just that because he didn't know his wife was joking about it!

My older girls do their own now as does John and I am training the little ones to do theirs as well. Fortunately, I am so far behind, I am ahead. The spring clothes from last year are still in the laundry room and ready to be washed and worn now that the season is upon us.

This is an ongoing battle between good and evil to me. The truth is I want to be a good steward of all that God has given us. I do, I just want someone else to keep it clean...hmm. My friend the Proverbs 31 lady considered the needs of her family and did something spectacular with a red scarf. No one got lost in the snow on her watch...I think there is a red scarf in the laundry room under the Spring clothes. Maybe that is a start! No? Okay, I am off to do load before my laundry room winds up on the show "Hoarders".

Edited to add: This is the verse of the day on my facebook page:
"And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the LORD." - 1 Kings 19:11a (KJV)

I did stand on the Mount before the Lord...Mount "Washing"ton! There is a verse for everything!

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