Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To the moon!

When I passed my LPN boards in nursing school (my class took them as a practice for the RN boards that we would sit for about 8 months later) my mom wrote me a note that said I was flying so high, she was afraid one more success for me might just send me to the moon. I remember telling her I would risk it!
That is what I feel right now. I never chose nursing, God told me to go and I did. I was walking in His will for my life and it was such a kick. Now you know I didn't hear a voice and there was no burning bush right? It was a knowing in my soul that God had called me to a task that He had prepared for me.
Right now, in this season, as a wife, mom, still a nurse, writer and speaker, I can say the same. There is no bigger thrill then to know, that you know, that you know, that you are walking in the will of our Abba. As we begin to see "House" be used in ways we didn't plan, but that He did, is again, the biggest kick I could have.
Now on to the practical of life. There are meals to make, meetings for IEP's to attend, and there is a coupon I must hunt down for Kellogg's, so I am off and running after a day that is determined not to be caught! And no, the laundry did not get done!

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