Monday, April 5, 2010

The look of love...

John and I were chatting in the kitchen a little while ago about nothing in particular. He leaned in as I spoke. He leaned in. After all these years, he still leans in to hear me. He had that "I am crazy about you." look to him.

Now that is not to brag on the fact that I have a great guy to call my husband. I do have a great guy to call my husband, but that is not the point. Only a week ago today, I was sure he was dumber then dirt and a complete jerk for that matter. He had hurt my feelings quite deeply and it took me a full day to come to terms with it. About what? It doesn't matter anymore although a week ago, it sure as heck did!
I had to spend a day asking God to forgive this stubborn heart in my chest. I had to let settle on me the fact that the enemy of our souls wants nothing more then to see us fail. I had to keep turning in the hurt of it to the FACT that I knew we are in the cusp of major changes in our lives and that now is not the time to get caught up in the pettiness of unforgiving.

I happen to believe that we woman can build a case against our husbands that a jury of OUR peers would convict them on. You can almost hear a group of woman nodding and shouting "A-huh. Tell it sister!" as we bring the jury to it's feet with a closing argument that would make Perry Mason ask how we did it. Of course, old Perry would not get it. He would be too busy agreeing with the men about how to convict us. Truth be told, a jury John's peers would convict me in a heartbeat!

Of course there are times we talk things out with friends, but imagine if we talked things out with our Heavenly Father first.

When we see the marriages of strong believers going to pot at the same rate as the worlds, why exactly should we consider ourselves different? We can get pretty dug in on being right. But where does mercy fit into it?

John and I should have never made it this far. As a matter of fact, if I had a bookie when we got married, I would have taken the odds on our not making it.

But by God's mercy and grace He worked this couple into the mystery of being one. I guess my take is that by the time John and I get to Glory we will have forgiven each other more times then we have forgiven anyone else in the world.

Love isn't just about the "look" it's also about the turning of a cheek. Take no offense from the one who can offend us the most. How grateful I am to be married to a man who forgives me as much or more as I forgive him. Glory.


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Well said Ms. Maryellen...lovely! Just lovely. I am sharing this with the Lemonade Connection readers today. Thank you for writing!