Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Queen for a day...

Being the Queen Mum of a large family has quite a few perks...one of them is to wear my tiara in public when ever I darn well feel like it. Of course, this shot was taken at Epcot and I didn't take home the scepter or the tiara...and I couldn't finish the beer either. But that is another story for another day.

Let's face, I look great in a tiara. I do. Go on and think about how great I look. I know it may distract you for the rest of the day, but it is a chance I had to take.

Are you back? Great. I don't want to cause you to stumble. Stay focused here. Not easy, I know, but I believe in you.

That tiara got me to thinking a lot about my real life crowns. The ones I wear in the course of any given day. We all have them. Some of mine really do sparkle, just as I am sure you have sparkly ones too.

The one that I wear to do housework gets all dusty and I found some mold on one corner the other day...what do you expect? Half the time it is hanging over a toilet, dishwasher, or washing machine. It gets all moist under that dust...okay, let us just say together...EWWW! But it shines right back up with a little elbow grease.

But I always wear my best crown to church. When I take it out to put it on....Oh boy does it sparkle and gleam like crazy! When I place it on my head and start to get the fam out the door to church...that is when it always turns black as coal. It is ugly with the words of sin I tend to let slip from my lips to the kids, dripping from each point. As I threaten each child and glare at the husband we make our way to church. The combs on the crown seem to dig a little deeper into my hair and poke at my head as we make the last turn onto the street our church sits. As we pull into our parking spot (yes, it is ours. I get a little annoyed when no one leaves us a spot in front of the play ground. It's a Yonkers thing. If someone took your spot in front of your house, you rang the bell and told them to move it. No, we didn't use our driveway. I don't know why. Why are you getting off topic?) and we start to exit the clown car.

Somehow I manage to gleam up that tiara once again. I make it all sparkly and pretty, paste that smile on my face and speak in loving tones to the family once again. It stays all perfect for the entire service as I sit tall in my own righteousness. How good and holy I must appear to those being hit by the rays of light shooting off of my tiara!


Truth is, all my tiaras get laid down in front of Him. I can take them off or I fear He will knock them off. I am of no position to walk in piety in front of Him.

I am glad I get to play "dress up Queen" in jest with my family...that has been way fun. In real life though, I plan to spend my day as servant. No tiara needed.

"They lay their crowns before the throne and say:
You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being." (Rev. 4:10-11)


Christina said...

LOVE the tiara and scepter picture!!!! Was that taken in Germany? I would have TOTALLY bought the tiara and scepter, but seeing how I couldn't convince all the boys in my family to even go to a Tea Party for me, and they didn't even want to walk past the door of the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique, alas.... I will just have to live vicariously thru your tiara and scepter

We don't even want to start comparing the EWWWness of my housework tiara, I shudder to think what be hiding in the nooks and crannies of that tiara, Hey...... Maybe I can get one of my boys to shine it up for me since they still owe me a tea party......

Anonymous said...

Love you mom and yes, the tiarra looked amazing! It is true being on your high horse or wearing a tiarra, God is going to teach you a little something being humble even if it means knocking someones tiarra off or knocking them off their very high horse.

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS Look on you Mare, is it comfy to wash dishes in??