Monday, December 13, 2010

Another day, it should mean something....

"Teach me to number my days, Oh Lord..." David was wise enough to cry out. Wish I was that wise some days. I am not always a good steward of my time. Honestly, it's easier to tithe my 10% into the basket than it is to tithe my time...

Hmmm...what would happen if I gave Him just that, 10% of my time? I mean, my life belongs to Him, but what would happen if I made sure I had that fraction of time carved out each day for Him? Not in a legalistic way like a Muslim call to prayer or anything. Just made sure I gave Him that time, alone each day. What would that work out to be? Math teachers?

Let's see: 10% of 24 hours would be 2.4 hours a day. Wow. That would be some chunk of time. What if I gave Him just the hours I am awake? That is something like 23 hours a day right? No, it just feels that way. In actuality I am up for about 16 hours a day. That would make it 1.6 hours of face time with Him. I willing to give Him that?
In reality, no. I have to give at least that to Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. Duh...He understands I have a busy social networking life. Right?

We give Him the first fruits of what we produce...FIRST. Okay, I tithe after taxes and make up for it in April. At least that is how we did it this year. So can I justify not spending time with Him in the morning? I tend to give Him the fruit of my time, after everyone leaves the house in the mornings. Again, not trying to play legalistic girl here, just adding things up in front of you all. And you don't mind, do you? No of course not. If you did, you would not come back!

I got up this morning with a heavy heart over some things that are going on in my world right now. One of them is the woman's event House is throwing in February. Everything is falling into place...including the finances. I have trusted Him every step of the way until I didn't. I started to get ahead of Him in one area and He pulled the back of my scruffy hair, ever so gentle and said:"Knock it off. I've got it." And got it, He does. Hmmm. Trust. It would be a lot easier if I had spent some of that 10% with Him this morning. Conviction of my heart...once again.
No matter how much I adore Him, no matter how amazing my time with Him is, I too get lazy in my prayer time. Shocking, I know.

But sometimes, He allows a sifting or two in a season to get our attention. He has one going on in my world right now, that came out of the blue. It won't end our world, but it hurts.
The thing is I know for a fact that no situation, good or bad, can touch my life with out first passing through His hands. That means that He has a plan. That means I don't have to get ahead of Him or figure the whole thing out alone...but of course that brings me back to numbering my days.

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