Saturday, December 11, 2010


I love the way my girls look in this picture way more than I love the way I look, but wanted to show them off anyway.

And I feel like I look skinny in this one, so even though there is some guys shoulder in it, I am showing it off! And the girls look awful pretty to meet my friends Johnny and Tina. I never did mention we were going to surprise them for their anniversary did I? Of course not, it was a surprise, silly. We combined the visit to them with a trip to Disney...

Never mind that Jack is squinting or that Maggie may or may not have her eyes is our Christmas picture this year. I am so not going to try and get everyone to pose again. Besides, I look skinny in this one. Good hair day too!

I love Bell too girls but she married a beast and just because he wound up looking like this:

does not make him a prince charming. Or maybe it does. Charm is rather deceitful isn't it? Jack, don't ever be a beast.

That concludes my Disney Parenting for the day.

It was a wonderful trip with my family. I could live with out the "RUN!" of it all but it was very good to be together. John and I are so much more "beach with a book" people. The kids are too. They would rather hit Ocean City than Disney next year. That is going to work out real well since we spent their inheritance on this trip.

More pictures to come after we get over the latest rotten cold we have here in the house. Be blessed all.

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