Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Margaret Colleen turns seven today...

Dear Margaret Colleen,

You arrived seven years ago today shooting me a look that still gives me quivers when I reflect on it. I knew Margaret suited you perfectly. While your impending arrival was quite a schock, you are a constant reminder that God blesses us with infinitely more than we even know to ask. And you are also a reminder that God truly does desire to give us the desires of our hearts. I had always wanted a Margaret Colleen, but it was many years, a few sisters, and a wonderful brother later that you would bless our world in ways we never imagined.

Before we go bowling and eat cheese burgers for your meal request, I just had to share what I pondered in this heart of mine all day.

Jesus was born to a mommy too. Given the awe that you have inspired in my heart, I can only imagine what she must have felt like that day. You were wrapped up and kept warm, just like His mommy did for Him...but did she have any idea that the prince she just delivered would one day wear a crown of thorns? Oh Maggie, I have no idea the future God has in store for you. I do know it is a future with a hope...if it is lived for Him. You will do great things for Him dear child. Always be in awe, that God was just a little boy...He was once seven years old too. I think you are perfect just the way He made you to be...He was just simply perfect.

You help me remember the awe of His birth. Thanks for coming. It is my great joy to be your mommy.

Your sister~in~Christ,

PS You said when you saw this picture, "I got to meet Poppy?" Yes, yes you did. And Poppy was as wild about you as he was your sisters, brother and cousin. Trust me when I say that while Christmas may be easier with out him, I still miss Christmas with out him. God bless little lady. Love you all the way to the Heavens and back.

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