Friday, December 24, 2010

A Traditional Jewish Christmas for the clan...

That is our plan for Christmas Day this year. As I may have mentioned, we spent the week after Thanksgiving in Florida. Since we got back we have all have suffered from The Disney Flu~Strep, stomach viruses, upper respiratory stuff, laryngitis, etc, etc, etc...The kids have run ragged getting ready for the big day: shopping, cleaning, baking. Wait a minute, that was me.

So when John asked how I wanted to spend the day I told him in the Traditional Jewish Way: A movie and Chinese food. We are going to see the new Narnia movie so I am not so sure it counts anyway. Besides, I still plan to have some kind of dessert ready for us all...that should count in the good gentile way for something.

While today we plan to have fun and later go to church, I would like to spend Christmas Day like the holy family did, a couple of thousand years ago. Lets face, Mary did not make a ham, Joseph did not clean up the family. I am also pretty sure they didn't go to the movies or eat fried dumplings either. But I do know they spent the day in awe at the birth of the Savior. Mary surely cuddled that baby and Joseph must have held the hand of his beloved wife. Jesus cried and settled in on His mommies breast. They were just together.

Now if some shepherds should stop by, I shall have some extra fried rice and death by chocolate waiting for them.

God bless all and Merry Christmas.


Melissa said...

Oy! That sounds like a great plan! Merry Christmas to all and to all an Oy Vey! :-)

''Flums'' (my word verification)

Maryellen said...

Thanks girly! This is the first time we are all not sick in over a month. I think it was the not trying to do EVERYTHING. xoxo