Sunday, December 19, 2010

How many kings?

Something that struck my heart in Disney was the Christmas music. In between the jingle bells and the baby it's cold outsides, there were three kings and little towns of Bethlehem. It was extraordinary to me at first: How often can you be in Disney and hear The Name above all names, right? I actually got emotional at one point contemplating that...and then I had to go have our picture taken with Snow White. No time for contemplation while there is fun to be had!

Someone just told me it wasn't the real Snow White. Yeah right. And the Santa at the mall isn't real either. What kind of chump do they think I am? Silly.

Where was I? Right, Christmas music...We went to see Mr. Peterman (you remember from Seinfeld...Elane's boss...can't remember his real name!) and an amazing choir. Each song was Christ centered on the birth of our Savior and Mr. Peterman read the Gospel of Luke...may I just say: Glory.

But that is when you saw the contrast. It was all about Him. There was no Micky or Mini to distract you. There was no Santa or tree. Just Jesus in the middle of Epcot. And that is when it all came together so clearly in my heart.

I am not against the "ho-hoing" or the figgy pudding in anyway shape of form. But a study was just done on the Christmas stories reported on the major networks. Out of the 589 stories about Christmas, only seven of them even mentioned Jesus. Seven.

There are only seven days left until Christmas day. Enjoy the fa-la-la-la-la-ing. And if you have a little one, by all means, put them on Santa's lap. But won't you remember Him, maybe just seven times? Even just once per day? Don't let the crazy world we live in make you forget why we celebrate. Take a look at that creche' and remember Him.


Sharon Kirby said...

Only one King that matters - King of kings, and Lord of lords.

I'm sorta tired of the crazy world, and the way it conveniently, and sometimes intentionally, forgets Jesus.

Oh, that we would STOP our silly, urgent little lives and REMEMBER - the baby who came to save the world, who came to save US...

I'm remembering -

Hope you and yours have a WONDER-full Christmas.


Maryellen said...

...and Merry Christmas to you too dear one! xoxo