Monday, May 24, 2010

I'll skip the maggots...

Monday morning again.
When everyone is out the door, I have to sit down and handle the bills. How to rob Peter to pay Paul with out Peter pressing charges against me is the game I will play today.
I know God's word says that it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then it is for a rich man to enter Heaven...but I've asked God to let me give it a shot. I am up for the challenge!
Have you ever noticed how much of God's word is about His provision? A lot...I could go look it up but you probably already know it's a lot.
From the very beginning our God provided. No, I know where I am going with this, so I won't harbor back to A&E on this but let's go back to Moses at least.
God had just finished rescuing the good folks out of Egypt and they were hungry and they grumbled...can you relate?
Sure they might not have been slaves, but they were hungry. Man, if there is one area of provision I worry about the most it is the grocery cart. The mortgage always gets paid, the fuel bill always gets paid and the car payment always gets paid...some months the grocery bill is the only one that has any stretch to it. But I don't want to have to be creative in the supermarket all the time. What, when I have a rotten cold or the kids are sick or there is a snow storm? I can't just fudge it through to Monday to shop. Fudging the groceries with a couple of quick trips to the Shopright or ordering a pizza can stop up the cash flow rather quickly around here. I have to be "game on" with that grocery budget no matter the circumstances.
And sometimes, I just don't want to be. How is that for honest?
I want some darn quail with my manna.
I love that the manna could only last for a day. According to one commentary I read (don't ask me where. Somewhere online is all I can tell you.) manna is translated from one Hebrew word 'mawn" meaning, "what is it"? So for forty years the Hebrew people ate, "what is it"? that landed on the front stoop of their tents each morning.
What's for breakfast? What is it?
What's for lunch? What is it?
What's for dinner? Quail. Yes, quail. Have you ever seen one of those huge quails out in the woods? No, me neither, but I have seen them on the side of the parkway and looked up pictures online. HUGE! MEATY! FAT! Now that is my kind of dinner!
From what I can gather, they gathered the quail at night and the manna in the morning. But they had just enough for each day and could not keep it to the next. No hoarding (less the Sabbath and then they got to keep an extra portion for the next day) was allowed.
In my heart, I try so hard not to hoard one paycheck to the next. I know my God will provide...and while I may not have maggots in my food supply, I think it is possible to develop them in my heart, metaphorically speaking of course.
When I plan and maneuver the finances around, when I think I have outsmarted the system, I am almost always wrong. I have to literally lay down the paycheck and grocery cart before the Lord, ask Him to cover it and all of my mistakes in His Precious Blood. Otherwise, it will rot and be eaten by the worms of my own sin.
Yeah, I'll skip the maggots and trust in Him to provide my daily's all He gave me permission to ask for anyway.


jennifer said...

I'll leave a comment and tell you I LOVE the header and the side ...good for you mama! Looks amazing!

Jennifer said...

One more thing... a) love the honesty you wrote about! b) when can we talk big time coupons? Wanna get your supply stocked and happy on next to nothing! I can't figure out where I'd get quail but...I sure know how to get chicken! And beef! For cheap. How's that?

Maryellen said...

Well thank you my dear!