Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's day post...

So mother's day is only a few days from now. Our little ones are getting ready to bless us all with fantastic pieces of art, flowers and breakfast.

I for one have asked to not be made breakfast in bed...PLEASE! I kind of hate breakfast and I would much rather have the kitchen cleaned up after I cook for them.

I miss mine...Mom, I mean. Not that crazy missing like in the first few years, but May always makes me think of my mom.

Mom foolishly went from being Ellen Mary Durkin on May 2, 1964 to Ellen Mary Durkin Brennan. Not that marrying my dad was all that foolish...okay maybe a little, LOL! But Mom's birthday was May 17th. And of course Mother's Day is smack in there as well.
Now think about many gifts did she get jipped out of?

It also makes May my mellow month. While I have children of my own, and I love all of my gifts, and the hugs and no, not the breakfasts, May still makes me a little sad.

I was chatting with my friend Leslie who is about to celebrate her first Mother's day with out her mom...She is just about done with all of the advertisements out there. Yes, there is an overwhelming desire to refer to the advertiser's as mothers of another kind.

No matter how long they are gone, there are dates that just tug at you. Or at least for me there is. I don't think I ever considered what an honor it is to be a daughter when the time was before me. But it was...maybe my girls will get to know that at some point...

In the meantime, I do have a parenting tip for young mothers. Megyn Kelly from Fox News was just sharing how wonderful and amazing new motherhood is. She was saying that all of her parenting tricks run like one or two deep but her own mother, who raised three kids, has tricks that run about eleven or twelve deep. I have one that runs a few pairs deep, pairs of shoes that is...

When I was on baby number three, my darling Brennan ~who is laid up with pneumonia at the moment by the way and thus the blog waited. Why? Did you not read the "Family is not an obstacle to ministry" post? Well scroll down after my tips and read it. Duh!)~ I was talking about Brennan right?...Okay so Brennan would be ready to nurse or take her bottle. Of course I had a wild three-year-old name Liz and a crazy two-year-old named Caity to contend with. I loved having three babies in three years but feeding time in the zoo was just that!

I tried putting on a movie for the girls so they could snuggle close while I nursed...I had read What to Expect...they said curl up with the older kids! Yeah, that never worked. Eventually I would succumb to Rugrats on TV and my girls promptly took it as a their own "How to be a kid" show.

After a few weeks of trying and failing, I discovered, quite by accident the power of the shoe...

While Brennan screamed to be fed and my milk engorged me, I would run to the bedrooms and gather up shoes. Little girly shoes and slippers on top, big John boats, I mean boots on bottom. The basket of shoes would sit on the floor next to me as I began the feeding.
As the zoo/circus act of the girls began, I would gently and kindly tell them nice things like "Now lets not climb on the back of the love seat over there girls. Let's sit nicely and play with our dolly." or "Draw me a picture honey. How was pre-school today? Show me what you did." or "Caity honey, you need to not climb the wall unit honey...honey get down...honey get down...." and then: "WOP!" a little girly slipper would come flying from my free hand at the behind of the somewhat unsuspecting junior aerial artist in training. It would not cause a cry, just five minutes of feeding in peace. I didn't often get to the big daddy boats, I mean boots, but once in a while, a big thump on the floor, made a great point.

Today we take away cell phones and Facebook and social lives, but only when need be. And that is not very often.
Be it shoes or keep away with social all says I love you.
By the way, Mom, I love you too. See you.

PS this post is editing free! I didn't even try to find a scripture about shoes...I just bet there is one!
Sorry, the sick one awaits! Have a great Mother's Day all, if you are one!

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