Saturday, May 8, 2010

One more mother's day note...

And a note it is. Mom wrote this to me on Micky Mouse paper, in perfect calligraphy. Sitting in a room on a vent, she did have a lot of time on her hands! Thought I would share a few thoughts from mother to child.

A thought for the day.
Hi Mair,
Couldn't resist using the "fun paper" as a reminder of the Joy Over You. Along with the good deep roots, and sound theology, we need to laugh. Who else could create a camel, a giraffe and me but a God with a great sense of humor and a desire to share it!!
A word to share also~ "For God is at work in you who BELIEVE...Indeed you are our pride and our joy!" (Thessalonians 2:13 & 20)
Hang in there, My Girl, with the wisdom of the Spirit to guide you, your direction will be true. I love you, I like you and God and I said a prayer for you!
~Do you know~
He is the Lord~yours & mine!
Love, Mom

PS Happy Mother's day all...enjoy them while you have them. It is lousy when they are gone!
I am off to my garden! See you Monday!

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