Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have memories of 9/11 just like everyone else. I don't know that they are any more extraordinary but rather they are probably extra ordinary. I live in NY, so of course, I lost people and have friends who survived...John watched the first plane fly over his head and later spent the day waiting for someone to rescue.

And now we are fighting about building an Islamic Center at Ground Zero...just like the Japanese wanted to build a Japanese Center at know the wait, there isn't one. That's right. That whole WWII mess was way before the nation had evolved into what we are today. I forgot.

At the time of the attacks we didn't even have a computer to check out what was going on. How odd is that?

But what were you doing on 9/12?

I can't remember if John had to go back to work. I know he came home around 3am. I don't think the kids went to school that day. I know I didn't talk to my dad...he was mourning in a bar somewhere in The Bronx...he couldn't get over the bridge to his club in Inwood (the tip of Manhattan) because the bridges were still all closed. I know the kids watched Nickelodeon...and we kept the radio on all day...with no music playing.

We waited to find out if we needed to go to the city to volunteer...but by early morning, we knew...there was no one left alive to help.

The thing is we woke up on 9/12 in the greatest nation in the world. One that took a sucker punch from Islam. Why? Because they hate us. We will always be hated because, like it or not, we are a nation founded on Christian principles. And Jesus said we would be hated for it.

I can make some great arguments about freedom here...but I simply don't feel like it. 9/11 still makes me cry.

So 9/12 should give us hope...not because of how we woke up nine years ago, but because we woke up in the greatest nation in history. We are still free...and we have lived to fight another day. God...bless America, please? There is a remnant here who adores You.

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Melissa said...

Amen. <3