Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Tuesday already...

and you know what that means...Yes, it is no longer Monday. Duh. Yesterday, I went to the dentist...Ugh.

One would think that a temporary cap would last longer then seven years. As I waited for the decision of what to do with this tooth, I made a heart felt discovery: While there may be no atheists in foxholes, there are very few in dentists chairs either. I tell our God-sent-dentist all the time, that I hate his job and would hate him too, if I didn't love him so much.

It struck me while I was in that dental chair (I keep busy thinking up stuff to blog on) how amazing things in our nation are or at least how they have been in the past and we hope to keep or restore them. Maybe it is all the Brother Andrew-behind-the-Iron-Curtain reading that has me looking at things through the lens of a patriot again, but some things are just plain screwy around here.

Being the ever so un-PC couple that we are, we have enjoyed the fruit of John's hard work. Some of it we have done right and some of it we have done so wrong, that I think I will just keep that part to my self, thank you very much.

But but we have faced our debt giant with one thing in mind: CUT, CUT, CUT everywhere and anywhere we can...unless we don't "feel" like it and then we SPEND, SPEND, SPEND everywhere and anywhere we "feel" like doing so. Humility has not come cheap for us and we are so grateful to know that while we have made some rooky mistakes, we are on our way...to what?

I asked John last night, "So, is this it? Is this the crazy life we are now in and this is just the way it is going to be? What are we waiting for? When are we going to be satisfied?"

We talked most of the night, and I have only a few answers. I like some of them and others have left me wondering still more about the condition of our hearts.

I have a huge kitchen. Way bigger then my grandmothers or even the little thing I was cooking in just five years ago. My stove is just fine, even if I do need to screw back on the handle now and a than. But I want a commercial/professional stove...

John (or is it Jack?) has season tickets to the JETS or at least we think they are the JETS...they could be just ants running on the field dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn below. They get to have a ball going to the games together with life long friends...But they would love to be in the first row.

My Kia is paid for. It is 9 years old and while I have to maintain it, it is just fine. It gets me where I need to go...But I want a Yukon.

Is this where contentment meets the road? Is this where our nation is on a whole? We provide a tax payer, paid education to every child...but not every child has a Bronxville school district. Some districts are just better off then others. Can we have a national standard? No. Not really. The Department of Education has only been in service since 1979 and it has messed things up royally. It has not improved our lives one stitch has it? Are things more fair now then they were? No, I don't think so. Use to be that local school districts decided what was the priority and now Washington does. Here in NY the only way we will ever have a decent math protocol is if we fight the state...Sigh. Are things fair? Yes, actually they are.

Not everyone gets the commercial stove or the good JETS tickets or the Yukon. Or the Bronxville education. But I do get to cook some darn good food on my stove, and we all get to watch the game and my car drives us where it needs to. And as far as the education goes...we pay extra to help our son get the help he needs. The truth is Jack would be rubber stamped from one grade to the next because it all comes back to funding. We have made paying for the extra, cash only please, our priority.

Things can be fair with out being equal. We can all be glad when we have the joy of His presence. John and I have a wonderful life here...now it is a matter of the heart and being satisfied with all He has granted us.

Something happened in our hearts. It is still new and we are going to make mistakes...I just happen to know that no matter how many projects we do on the house or how many things we acquire, the luxury is in knowing Him, not in our standard of cooking, sports, transportation or education. I don't think I am alone in this. Something has happened, and I think it may have begun in our nation as well. Hope and change cannot come from a government program. They can only happen in our hearts.

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