Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Queen has spoken!

There is this nifty little thing on the blog here that shows the stats of what countries are viewing it.
We have been to China, Russia, Holland, Ireland and Israel amongst other places! We should have some kind of jet lag by now. Hope it all translates well. Not sure Yonkers can be understood by anyone except me, but so far so good!

Now if only I could translate "Knock it off!" into the hearts and minds of the teens in my house.

We are in a season of bickering...if you follow the blog, you know that life is being lived at break neck speed around here of late. Bad enough I can't finish a thought but when that half a thought is broken into by an argument about tooth paste, this mama has gone postal. I have been known to go so postal I think we need a new name for it:

Going plaid (a shout out to Space Balls...immature, yes, but again, my blog and I like plaid.)
Going Maryellen (it fits)
Going Maghoo on a lunch bag (damn dog)
Going retiree on a pension that is late.
Going ex-smoker with out a patch.
Going bad hair cut before the prom...
Going JETS on the Pats (great game)
Going Maggie on the seagull who stole her sandwich at the beach (like Snoopy at the Red Baron)

Okay, that's all I got. Chime in. Winner gets something...not sure what.

Can you feel the frustration around here? I actually told two of my children they have to shut up their lips (I hate to just say "shut up" 'cause it sounds so harsh) for the remainder of the day in my house. When they get home from school, they have to go to their rooms and not to talk to any one. They have hit my last nerve.

I am so heartsick and aggravated by the bickering that it makes my head hang in shame. "No amount of success in ministry is worth failure at home." As per my pal (she has no idea how close we are...) Beth Moore. It makes no difference if this blog is read on Mars, if I fail at home in my ministry as mom.

So what is the answer? Jesus of course. But the girls are at an age now where we can do family devotions and bring them to church but only they can make a decision to be in The Word or in constant communication with Him. I can't make them pray, I can't make them be alone with Him, and I can make them seek Him out in His Word....

But I can pray. I have no doubt the Holy Spirit lives in them. I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit can quicken their spirits as quickly as He can quicken mine. I can pray they don't feel like the they need to dig in and be top dog around here...we already have Mr. Maghoo for that. John and I can put them in their rooms all we want. But ultimately it will be a battle won our knees.

I never had a sister. I got to be the princess no matter what. My girls each have three sisters and seem to need to establish themselves as head princess in any given war, be it over toothpaste, hair brushes or wardrobe.

As the queen mother, I have a royal duty to pray, often and with out stopping. Praying always, in season and out. As I scrub a floor or bake a cookie, praying for the spirit of the alpha dog to be banished in our home, banished to the cross for Jesus to deal with.

In the meantime, as I pray, I also have a list of chores the Irish Princess crowd can hit before dinner.


Melissa said...

Excellent venting! Be of good cheer! The Lord sees all, hears all, and still loves you and your bickering princesses.:-)
O, and I have suggestion for replacing ''going postal'' but I can't print it here. Will email.

Maryellen said...

Queen Melissa, I will look for that email! xoxoxo