Friday, September 17, 2010

Save the last dance for Him...

According to my friend Jennifer, it is new wine Friday and that means we get to try a new wine! Of course it will have to wait until after...

Dinner (x's5)
AWANA (x's1)
TREC (x's1)
Football (x's1)
See you at the pole rally (x's3)

Once everyone is where they need to be, I do believe John and I have 45 unspoken for (including driving time) minutes to our own selves...what ever will we do with a chunk of time that doesn't even have the courtesy to move the big hand all the way to the next number?

That reminds me, I have to make marshmallows and I have a nail appointment too...Sigh.

Yesterday, I got so much cleaning done, that I almost didn't make it to Shoprite and I had to go to Shoprite...I had coupons and I needed the dinner makings...besides, olive oil was on sale! But I had to be in and out.

I ran into Mrs. Neighbor and chatted with her as I pulled out of the street, drove the mile to the store, ran in between the rain drops and honed in on my mission: In and out before Maggie's bus pulled in to drop her off.

I was making my last run for the Ronzoni (at 67 cents a box, I needed 12 boxes) and I ran smack into a young woman from church. I just adore this sweet young thing. She is so beautiful and so we were once. She is a student nurse so of course I love her all the more. Remember being twentysomething? Yeah, me too. I wouldn't go back to that, except for the size 2 jeans for anything! It seemed to me that God had ordained that time for she and I to chat.

I made it back to meet Maggie with five minutes to spare! She and I went into the house, arranged the sunflowers I had bought into the wall vases, watched for Jack's bus and it was back out the door to start grabbing teens so we could go to the orthodontist.

I keep going back to the fact that He will direct my steps...OOOH! Join my holy imagination with me for just a moment, won't you?

In the arms of my savior, dressed in the finest of silk, He skips me around the floor, and dips me into the first pick up of one of my children, he swoons me toward the drop off of another. As I trip the Light fantastic with Him, His arm never leaves my back and His strong hand holds mine erect and He spins me toward the next event on my list of to-dos. Yes, He leads...

Dinner becomes a choreographed dance between Savior and beloved that would put Fred and Ginger to shame. He leaps me toward the dishes and the next days lunches.

He is smiling at me and it makes me wonder why I am missing the joy of the dance...there is a joy in the dance. Yet all I have done is meditate on memorizing the steps and I have missed the dance. I've been working so hard at leading Him. He pulls me toward the next leap, the next spin, the next...and the timing is perfect and the steps are smooth even when I try to pull away, He presses my hand ever so gently and the small of my back is led, never pushed toward the next turn...He is always a Gentleman...He never forces me to step this way or that.

He has never danced my soul to exhaustion. His is the very air I breath and only my steps leave me breathless. His freshens my soul. The dance freshens the spirit even while the body rests at the end of the day.

I need to go strap on my dancing shoes to start my day, blessed by the image of my Savior who will choreograph my day, one time step at a time. Ohhh, the music has already started to play. I think we will be dancing a jitterbug today... and the wine is ready to be poured tonight into our cups, held by Jesus.

Praise His name with dancing! (Ps 149:3)


Alli Worthington said...

BFFs for life! :)

Maryellen said...

LOL! I have to figure out how to put comments on the life list! Smooches dear!