Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Enough already...

This one may get me unfriended on Facebook but here goes:

Seriously? Sex and the City?

Yes, I've seen the show. I admit, I even watched the first movie out of pure curiosity...I also turned it off.

I can tell you that some of the acting is fantastic. There is some real talent in these ladies...some.

But I can't get excited about a show that has so affected the sexualization of our society in general. No, I am no prude. But I have four girls. How do I explain that what we discuss about purity is all very true but "mom is going to the movies with her besties to see Sex and the City. Have a good night!"

I love girls night out! I love it when we meet for margaritas and I love it when we meet for coffee. But in all the years I've met with my girlfriends, we have never discussed our sexual abilities or that of our men over dinner. Do girlfriends talk, sometimes, but it is not a way of life.

Is 'Sex and the City' what we are sending our girls into? God help us if it is. No, I have to believe that there are still ladies and that there are still gentlemen out there.

Yes, I have a problem with Kim Catrell staring in a made for Disney movie. Lets keep her face recognizable for our little girls. If she wants to play the part of the aging call girl, by all means. But do I want her to be role model for my girls, um, no.

Many years ago, I heard a singer, Kathy Tracolli, throw down the gauntlet to a group of woman at a conference: "You can't be in church on Sunday morning with your hands held high, waiting on God to move you forward and then curled up with a bowel of pop corn watching 'Desperate Housewives' on Sunday night."

I remember giving up Desperate Housewives just about that time...I can be pretty pious about this.

Of course, now, Grey's Anatomy is different. Of course I don't watch it for the McDreamy and Meredeth storyline. Duh. No one has that much sex in the hospital and if they do, I missed it completely when I worked in the hospital. I watch it for the medical stuff...I am a nurse...after all... and then I caught my daughter watching reruns of the Grey's smut on daytime tv one day after school....not so pious now are ya' mama?

Sigh...It's hard to be a hypocrite in public. Honestly, I was so set to be so right in this post until I remembered what I forgot about my own ability to compromise. And yes, I have a quite a skill for it evidently. When is too much, too much? Not sure, but there is a sigh of relief that I didn't address this until after the season finale of Grey's. Now I have three or four months to prep up for giving it up.

In the meantime, I do remember having a long chat with one of my older children about TV not being reality. She was so into the whole "Lizzy McGuire" thing when she was younger. She was sure she would have besties just like in the show. With each friendly heartbreak she had, John and I would point her to Christ.

Just like for her mother, when Christ becomes the source of her strength, then she will have those friendships. We are beginning to see just that happen for her.

I got to see a demonstration of the love of Christ between girlfriends last week when we attended a benefit dinner for our friends little girl, Belle.

We all got dressed up in our bestest outfits~~~way bester then the girls on "Sex" I might add~~~had a perfect dinner, some wonderful laughter and hit the dance floor.

I watched these woman, who grew up in Sunday school together, fell in love, got engaged, and began families together. Now they were loving on one of their own as she struggles through the day to day of caring for a sick child. They were dancing on that floor with a love for each other that no amount of TV production could capture. They are more then friends, they are sisters-in-Christ. They share Him as the center of their lives. Maybe they do talk about sex now and then. I don't know, don't care either. All I can tell you is that I got choked up watching the love of Christ on that dance floor between life long girlfriends. The friendships based in Christ, not casual sex...That is the witness I want to give my girls and that is what I want in my life as well.

Here is Belle's favorite song. It was played as a tribute to her. She and her mom, Kim, sing it the way, Kim out dresses SJP any day of the week!

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