Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More about my dancing fool...

There is nothing like the end of a season to wake up the heart!
John is more like himself then I can ever remember. I just adore seeing him like this again. There is no rush to get any where:
Me: "We should get going, Hon."
John: "We have a few minutes. Relax. The party will still be there when we arrive."
Or when it is time to go:
Me: "Hon, looks like we've closed the place. Wana' get going?"
John: "Relax, Hon. There is no rush. No one is pushing us out the door. Come dance."

Okay, who are you and what have you done with my husband?

Truth is, I love it. He has stories to tell from the almost 21 years he served in his job. Stories that I have never heard and I am a little shocked at now.

We were dirty old stay outs this weekend. At the wedding we attended, he wanted to dance to every medal song that played? Okay, um, I had a dating rule, Hon. I never dated a guy until his "heavy medal stage" was over. So, let's wait for Squeeze and "Pulling muscles from a shell", shall we?
My protests landed on deaf ears and somehow "She dropped the bomb on me" was the last thing I heard as he swung me out of my kitten pumps.

Sigh...I love it and I love him. Yes, we are in a new honeymoon phase of romance in our decades old marriage. There is something extraordinary about falling in love again with the guy you have loved for so long.
There have been some tough years here for us, but we honestly became one in a new way when our finances became one.
Wait a minute.
Yes, we had mostly only one income for most of our marriage. I worked a few times over the years to help pay some bills. But for the most part John was the sole bread winner here.
So how could it be that we were not one in our finances?
We simply ignored each other's accounts. If John's was close to being over-drawn...I would think, he should do something about that. Like it was his money vs. our money.
Once we began to tithe, that all changed. It was all God's provision and we had the charge to be good stewards of it. His account, my account, all became God's. There was no more me worrying about groceries alone. It became a burden shared and halved. It was ours to go before the Lord with and John and I met for prayer...and he took the lead. It was no more John vs. Mair, but rather the couple that God had always intended us to be.

I spent the '80's in Oxford blouses and turtle necks with little ice cream cones on them, listening to Debbie Gibbson.
John had long hair, a concert T-shirt wardrobe and had something with an outstanding guitar solo playing on his Walkman.
John taught me to balance a check book. I taught him how to dress. God allowed us to fall in love...again and again and again.

Proverbs 5:18
"May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth."


Missy Mulligan said...

Mair... you always make me think. I think thats what I appreciate about you most... well, okay, and you're darn funny to boot! But, you always seem to say something that makes me think about my life.

Thank you.

Maryellen said...

Missy, it was so nice to run into you and beautiful Ciara. Honestly, you give my Irish street cred. OHH! That could be a post! LOL! I will FB you for that coffee when school is out!