Saturday, June 19, 2010

Let the day begin and end...

A not so lumpy couch.

I fell asleep the other night....I was waiting on the girls to go to bed and just fell out. I woke up to the sound of Bill O'Riely at about 4:55...only five minutes later then my alarm. Not bad!

I suppose there is more in me of my dad then I realize. He was famous for sleeping on the coach. I guess he learned to sleep where he could when he was I am not suggesting that I slept around so I can sleep anywhere by the way. Just for the record.

Maggie seems to have that gift as well. I never know what bed I will find least she is only 6...if I have the same complaint when she is 16, go ahead, make the call to CPS. I would understand.

But back to my not so lumpy couch. I want desperately to tell you about my friend, Beth, who bought herself a couch bag...she meant to buy a knock off COACH bag but realized it said COUCH instead...I just don't know how to work it into the post. Well let us just consider it worked in then.

Again, back to my couch. I have honestly been working on this post since before the last post. I've been down with a rotten bug that is so rotten, being on the computer is exhausting. So I have napped on the couch a lot...A LOT. Last night, John took me to bed after my 8:00 pm nap turned into a snore fest...not that I snore, I am just using a literary example. Then again if I am asleep, how would I know if I snore? Let me check with John...Okay, he has confirmed that he is too smart to tell me that I snore and is allowing me to believe that I sleep like an angel. Back to the couch.

I love my couches. They are big and over stuffed and fit into my great big living room that I don't frankly know how to decorate. It's not that we have a terribly affected home, it's just that it is a big living room and has lots of windows and such so it's hard to situate. But back to the couches.

You see as much as I love them, John hates them for a whole list of reasons.

1. John, unbeknownst to me, hates olive green...really? I had no idea! My couches are that perfect shade of olive green and so are the walls in my kitchen, that he helped me paint! He hates the color, but loves me, and since I love olive green....because I am a Fall person don't you know, the whole red head thing...right back to the I was saying, he loves me and I love the color so for him it was not a game stopper. It was just not that all important to him. Who knew? I can tell you that a wife who loved her husband more then herself might have asked if he liked the color or not. Or maybe I did and he answered: "Yeah, they're fine."

2. They are HUGE! One of the couches is actually a chair and and a half...I call it the Shreck chair because of it's size. It is just the kind of chair you want to curl up in an read a book by the fire place...that is if you are a curl~up~kind~of~girl, perhaps not so much if you are built like a brick house. It is NOT the easiest chair to get out of and with out the ottoman your legs don't actually fit over the edge. Not something I thought about when I bought them...I was thinking books, curls, coffee...John just wanted to get out of the chair with out requiring a hoya lift.

4. They are disposable furniture. They were never built to last 30 years. They were only meant to last maybe 10....and that is with skinny sitters, no kids and no pets. OOOPS, she said once again.

3. Convenient monthly payments...ahh, we are back to that one again. No interest until 2011. Easy, breezy...or not so much. Imagine the living room couches if I had trusted providence to provide...Lesson, again, learned.

I thought all the resting I did in the Fall, when the Lord seemed to put the breaks on the ministry of House me From the Wind was enough. But as of late, He seems to be getting the message across that I am, again, in a season of waiting. I am often amazed at the connection between resting and waiting. Now that school is finishing up, the kids and I can take some lazy days by the pool and do just that. I prefer to hustle while I wait as the saying goes. But nope, this seems to be a nap while you wait moment for me.

God has a way of making me lay down, perhaps not in a pasture but on olive green couches anyway. What is wonderful is that at the moment, I get a lot of exra time with Him.

So wait I will and nap, a lot, on my wonderful, although hated~by~husband~and~adored~by~me couches.

“I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.” (Lk 24:49)


Anonymous said...

I miss you when you sleep on the couch...& I dont't hate olive green, I only said that it is not my favorite color. You are my favorite though!!! John S.

Maryellen said...

LOL! Well they are good to snuggle you on! xoxo