Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Sound Of Life Interviews Maryellen Schlusser

I am just feeling so darn proud that I learned how to post this! Hee-hee! This was only part of the interview but haven't gotten a copy of the rest of it yet. Hope it blesses you if you haven't heard it yet and if you have, come on how stincken' cool is this, let me enjoy the memory of my 15 minutes!!
I was asked to make a new post today by an adoring fan...okay, no, she is just a dear old friend that I grew up with, but fan sounded better...My children are chatting and this post is an interruption of my duties...dereliction of duties...okay, I've had to retype this 8 times, so I am gonna sign off and go enjoy the joy of the chaos in the other room. Maybe I will just sit here and wait until they come to me, they always come to find a mommy. Nah, it seems more fun when I join least to them!