Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It may not be Friday but at least it is not Monday!

Yay! The most over~looked day of the week.

We have "I don't like Mondays....I want to shoo~oo~oo~oo~t the whole day down." Boom Town Rats? Yes, you do to remember it and if you don't, you know you don't belong here.

And we have the good old Friday call of "TGIF" that is so popular we have a restaurant chain named for it.

Of course the weekend is the weekend.

Wednesday is hump day...as in get over the.

Thursday is so practically Friday that we don't mind it all that much.

But Tuesday...no one loves it or even seems to hate it. It's just, well, so Tuesday. Like being vanilla, although I happen to like real vanilla, not fake vanilla.

Did you know you can make your own vanilla extract? Just throw a couple of vanilla beans into a bottle of vodka and let it sit for a month or two. We, in the know, call it vodnilla or mother's little helper, but not in polite company.

So what to say about Vanilla Tuesday...hmmm.

Well, I can tell you about last night. I could tell you how John and I and Jack went to the our rental house to fix a broken window. I could go on and on about the "house of grace" or as it looked last night, "the house of horrors". I must get over there to cut back those shrubs in front of the house. I think I have only bee there during the winter, you know 'cause it is so far away...2.4 miles. Anyway, the "burning bush" in the front of the house looks like an inferno. While John replaced the window, I hacked back some of the bushes.

It was nice to see some of our old neighbors. At one point I called my friend Mary and asked if she wanted to chat over the fence. She and I met in the back yard and caught up on life since our last meeting in Walgreen's, where we normally run into each other. We use to chat over that fence everyday or pass the eggs one of us (usually me) needed to make dinner or that proverbial cup of sugar (again it was usually me who needed it) and solve many of the neighborhood problems and create some more.

It was such a pleasant run to the other house that it snapped me out of the funk I was in yesterday~~~a true Monday in every sense of the word.

But now it is Tuesday and I have not a whole lot to say about that fact. I can tell you I made breakfast and lunches, a field day that I got to attend and what in the world am I making for dinner?

Tuesday afternoon is now here and the post I began at 5am is still sitting here. Yup, just a normal day in Schlusserdom.

Be blessed all...see you on Wednesday, not that I have anything planned for that either!

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