Sunday, June 13, 2010

Into my skinny skirt!

Yup. It happened...

I was feeling so good that I dropped a couple of pounds that I went to put on my my skinny skirt. Glory to God, it fits again! I was just thrilled...until I realized that the skirt in question use to be my fat skirt. My skinny dress still does not fit and that is the one I use to wear when I thought I was heavy.

How is it that the lady who use to wear a size XS is now thrilled to be a M instead of an XL? And who came up with the sizing anyway? I would so prefer it if the tag read, "Not an XS, but honestly honey, your butt looks fantastic. You look better with a little meat on the bones anyway. Go on, you look terrific." But no, just XS,S,M,L,XL, instead.

Wardrobe not withstanding, I think we humans have a tendency for the "not so bads".

Case in point, after a year of feeling a tad bit deprived financially, things have begun to loosen up. Now is when I need to avoid spending more then when we were completely broke. You know what I mean.

You get a few extra bucks and you spend like all the troubles are far behind. Perhaps not going out to pick up a few things at the Coach outlet, but maybe buying all the extras that are still wants not needs. Lets order a pizza kids!

I use to live by the fact that most of our debt was honorable...some of it was pizza but most of it was honorable debt. That was my story and I was sticking to it, until I took a real look at what my definition of honorable was.

In the past if the microwave died, we knew it was a true need. We would run out, throw it on the credit card and congratulate ourselves on the fact that we got it on sale. Then we would nod our heads at our prudence of installing it ourselves as well. We were being fiscally responsible, didn't you know.

But what would happen if we didn't run out and buy a new one? What if a microwave was considered a want instead of a need? While the turntable in the microwave would stop turning, would the world?

I can tell you what would happen:
I warmed my coffee in a pot on the stove throughout the days I did without the microwave.

I made Maggie a real grilled cheese instead of the cheat of toasting the bread, putting the cheese on and sticking it in the microwave...her sweet little six year old self going on, non-the-wiser for it.

I remembered to take the butter out to soften before I attempted to bake cookies.

...and I got to receive. Yup. I got to have the courage to receive. I have a quote, somewhere by someone about having the courage to receive. When we don't try to figure things out on our own, in our human understanding, and when we truly believe that all things work together for the good...we get to watch Providence provide.
Sometimes God says no to our wants and other times he provides in ways that we can't understand. In the case of my microwave, my friend Jen dropped off a garage sale find her husband had made. It works just fine and it has also provided me with a place to put all those school papers on top of! I got a double bonus!

For the coffee pot, I got a new used one from my friend Lisa and my friend Michele just happened to have an extra refrigerator in the garage. Okay, can we say blessed?

Watching and waiting on the Lord has been way more edifying then the immediate gratification I am somewhat use to.

Waiting on the Lord is a gift that requires great courage...and I have discoverd that I am very brave, sometimes. Not, perhaps, brave enough to go try on that skinny dress though!

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