Saturday, June 5, 2010

I so wish I were Italian...

I do.
I know this falls into the ranks of bad. But the bottom line is that as an Irish girl I will NEVER cook as well or clean as good.
Now that is probably not completely true...maybe I am just a lousy house keeper. My mom was good at it, my grand mother was could eat off of her floors. Around here the only one who can eat off my floors and does is Mr. Maghoo, our big yellow Lab. By the way, did you know that Labs chew 'till their two and shed 'till their dead? Yeah, me either or I would never have gotten one! I could build a new one every day based on the amount of hair that thing puts out.
Did I mention in the attack of the great appliances my "Consumer Reports ranked #1" Kenmore vacuum died too? Yeah, I got about a year out of that bad boy. Sigh...have you ever tried to vacuum with a shop vac all that dog hair? No? Don't bother. It does not work very well.
I want me a Kirby...they have a lawsuit pending from a woman who was rendered bald when her hair got caught in the hand held...that is the kind of power I want!
Short post today...just a reminder that the Proverbs 31 Lady wanna be, that I am, looks after the needs of her household...sometimes with just a shop vac in hand and a heart to be Italian.


Anonymous said...

You're funny!

Maryellen said...

...and profoundly deep too!